In the 1980s hand-painted posters were created to promote upcoming films shown in travelling cinemas around Ghana. These cinemas consisted of a TV, a VCR, an electric generator and a car to transport it all over… Continue reading

Friday Friday Double Dose!

Double dose of the Cinematic Orchestra for your Friday afternoon! Get acquainted with the band and check out the photos on the above site. The light and time of day of each… Continue reading

22 Tracks

Online jukebox featuring 22 playlists of different musical genres, each containing 22 tracks. It’s updated regularly by specialist DJs in Amsterdam and streams for free! Check the HIPHOPNL section for some fresh… Continue reading

Wednesday Afternoon Countup: #3

3! We’re racing up the chart! All three songs containing the number 3 in the title come courtesy of the Beastie Boys, of which there are 3 members. Spookay! Beastie Boys – ‘In… Continue reading

Best Endings To Stories

– …and they lived happily ever after. – …and then I found 20 bucks! – …and then I puked, and a dog came along and started eating it.

Ghormeh Sabzi

This traditional Iranian dish is apparently a favourite of President Ahmedinejad. Here’s the recipe.

Friday Friday Double Dose!

Double dose of D.I.S.C.O. for your Friday afternoon! Stay with me. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave, or under a rock in a cave, you’ll know that the biggest… Continue reading

Monkey Portraits

There’s no denying that all of these pictures are pretty good. Now it’s easier than ever to pretend you’re a chimp looking through your high school yearbook.

Wednesday Afternoon Countup: #2

And we continue the climb! Underworld – ‘Two Months Off’ as revisited by the superbly named, insanely talented Japanese group Vertical Engine. And just so we’re all on the same page, here’s the… Continue reading


Call it what you want: boogie, boogie funk, modern funk, funkmosphere, squashed funk, LA funk, old school Prince funk, Nintendo funk, whatever name you give it, this sound is retro, timeless and brilliant… Continue reading

Live 9-Piece Band Recreate DJ Shadow’s Seminal ‘Endtroducing’ LP

I cannot wait for this! They’ll probably play ‘Organ Donor’ with a real organ! Thursday 3 December. The Jazz Cafe, London Town. If you live outside of the UK it’s probably worth flying… Continue reading

Friday Friday Double Dose!

Double dose of animal and trampoline magic for your Friday afternoon! It’s all about the slo-mo action replay. It’s all about the backflip. I’m buying a trampoline this weekend. And a walrus.

Lessons Learned From My Bike, Which I Loved, Being Stolen Yesterday

– Know, appreciate, be grateful for, and use everything you have been given, for at any moment it could be taken away. – Buy better locks.

Wednesday Afternoon Countup: #1

It’s the perfect time of the week to launch the all new Wednesday Afternoon Countup! Brap brap! Every track featured in the Countup must feature the number of that week in the title.… Continue reading

The North Korea I Never Knew

These recent satellite photos give you a North Korean bird’s-eye view of North Korea. No one ever told me about the waterslides, beer factory and ostrich farm!

Keyboard Cats

Can we change people’s behaviour by making things more fun to do? Of course we can, but only if it involves transforming everyday items into giant musical instruments! Think about how many more… Continue reading

Friday Friday Double Dose!

Double dose of hip hop for your Friday afternoon – the weekend is only minutes away! And if you’re in Vladivostok, it’s already here! Mos Def – ‘Quiet Dog Bite Hard’ Vladivostok has… Continue reading

Leikfang Saga 3

Not that I’m a massive fan of the Toy Story dynasty, but the huge advancements in technology in the past few years as evidenced by the near life-like detail shown by the computer… Continue reading

Let’s Go Surfing

Is it a lost Beach Boys b-side that has recently surfaced? Or a bunch of Williamsburg hipster chancers confusing us all with their clever irony?


Ever notice how the word ‘scheduling’ can be so easily misspelt as ‘scheudling’? One minute you think you’ve written a thoroughly business-like and professional title for a timetable, and then you’ve suddenly got… Continue reading

Monkey On A Segway

And they’re wearing identical outfits!   Watch the greatness here.                  


I think a lot more people would visit Tanzania if it was pronounced ‘TAN-ZAY-NIA’!                    

One Of The Most Embarrassing Things You Can Do On This Earth

One of the most embarrassing things you can do on this earth is visit your significant other’s parents’ house for the first time and use the bathroom. For some cosmic reason, the toilet… Continue reading

The Perfect Goodbye

Saying the perfect goodbye, heartfelt and sincere, yet pleasant and jovial. Words and well wishes in exactly the right places. Hugs, high waves, all the bests and see you soons. As you turn… Continue reading

Things That Are Good In The Pub

Watching someone genuinely laugh. Someone responding with an over-exaggerated facial expression of amazement to your story, which up until this point you considered to be only semi-amazing. Completely agreeing with someone that something… Continue reading

As I Walk Back To My Chair

My white trainers carefully tread the shiny marble floor, the smell of peroxide and scented hair products assaulting my nostrils as funky house blares and spotlights blaze. My guide is a few feet… Continue reading

K’Naan – ‘America’

Everyone’s favourite Somalian/Canadian rapper returns with ‘America’ – near 7 minutes of a lazy shuffling beat with Mos Def and Chali 2na’s baritone so deep your laptop might just vibrate off the table.… Continue reading

The Monopoly Guy

My left contact lens had been irritating me all day, so much so that I thought it was going to either pop out of my eye or jiggle its way back into my… Continue reading


I often hear people say, when they’re asked if they want sugar in their tea, “No thanks, I’m sweet enough!”. So whenever anyone asks me if I want milk in my tea, I… Continue reading

It Was Never Meant To Be Like This

So the other day I find myself yet again squatting uncomfortably in the Men’s Grooming aisle in Boots, feeling physically overwhelmed at all of the hair wax products on offer. I’ve been religiously… Continue reading

The Pyongyang Metro

This website examines the North Korean capital’s subway system in great detail.                    

The xx

Miserable teenagers write quite the toe-tapping little ditty and then perform it with all the emotion and enthusiasm of asthmatic mice to critical acclaim. Their formula for success? Try to look like you’re… Continue reading

Foghorn Leghorn

Nobody brought the pain like Foghorn Leghorn when he got cranky. Spectacularly crafted putdowns and mad crazy snaps so effortlessly wheeled out on a regular basis verbally destroying anyone who dared question his… Continue reading

Online Tenori-on

Oddly hypnotic.   You’ll play with it for longer than you think you would.     Have a go here.                    

Hey Ocean! – “A Song About California”

Breezy, soul-flecked pop straight outta the Californian paradise known as Canada. Laid back like Saskatchewan.     This was probably the shortlist before they went with “Ocean”:   Hey ________! – Mister –… Continue reading

Mad Muppets