Hawk House – “Chill Pill (Experiment 2)” (Official Video)


“Seven billion residents of the Earth…”


How are London hip-hop trio Hawk House not massive?


Brothers Eman and Sam and their friend Demae’s track “Tidal Tendencies” was number 42 in my Top 100 songs of 2013 list.


(Listen to the podcast DJ mix of these Top 100 songs here.)






Following suit, “Chill Pill (Experiment 2)” happens to be one of my favorite rap cuts of the year so far.



Bars so very beautiful, flows so very mellow, and some sublime ACTQ-ish boom-bap on the beat.



Hawk House – “Chill Pill” (Experiment 2)






Hawk House‘s new album, A Handshake to the Brain, is out June 23. Track it down here.