4hero – ‘9 by 9’

My favorite 4hero song. And there are many. Chunky upfront drums, plucked double bass textures, swirling strings, and lyrics that I’ve yet to completely understand. Beautiful. Did not expect Dego to be a… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning June 4 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Brand new music tonight that repped the UK hard from Dels, Tessela, Blood Orange, StopMakingMe, Dam Mantle, MNEK, Fantastic Mr Fox, Two Door Cinema Club, Vessel & El Kid, Holy Other, and TEETH!!!… Continue reading

What an Astronaut Sees from Space (Video)

  The best way to watch this is to load it into your personal cinema multiplex and have it playing on 15 giant screens at once while you mute the sound and your… Continue reading

Boom Clap Bachelors – ‘Falder Ind Og Falder Ud’, ‘Combiner’, and ‘Tiden Flyver (Live Acoustic Version)’

From Copenhagen, Denmark. Boom Clap Bachelors are a collective of musicians that include producer Ronni Vindahl, singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and producer Robin Hannibal (the last two also do their own thing… Continue reading

SMOD – ‘Ca Chante’ (Official Video)

Loving some Malian folk hop for a Thursday night! Cool fact! SMOD’s frontman Sam (guy with the guitar) is none other than the son of Mali’s premier musical couple Amadou and Mariam! Another… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning May 28 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Another big UK beats and bass music show to start Memorial Day Weekend right! No doubt we deep dug. The Beatles and the Chems set things off with their two remarkably similar songs… Continue reading

Dananananaykroyd – ‘Black Wax’ & Dolby Anol – ‘Puppies’

As if it wasn’t enough to get all sweaty shouty and rock out with your mates while trapped in a glitter maelstrom (vocab), the Glasgow band then went and called themselves Dananananaykroyd (gets… Continue reading

Cornershop – ‘Non-Stop Radio’ (Official Video)

Cornershop come back strong with a lo-wave Frenchified simple disco edit as part of frontman Tjinder’s Singhles Club (genius) that boasts a video of stop-motion bat flurries, sting rays that look like burger… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning May 21 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

With temperatures hitting 70 degrees this week in Seattle for the first time this year, we had to break out the shorts, dust off the flip-flops, and usher in summer proper by spinning… Continue reading

Roni Size/Reprazent – ‘Watching Windows’ (Roni Size Meets Nuyorican Soul)

One of my all-time favorite remixes and remixers. Reprazent’s drum ‘n’ bass track ‘Watching Windows’ gets a spacey and echoey Latin update from Lil Louis and Kenny Dope aka Nuyorican Soul. The real… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning May 14 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Dig Deep brought the heat last night kicking things off with London’s Rinse FM Heatwave Crew rejigging ‘Rolling In The Deep’. We got our funky d’n’b stylings on with Prisoners of Technology remixing… Continue reading

Korean Garage Rock with Galaxy Express – ‘Jungle the Black’ (Official Video)

Fresh from tearing SXSW to shreds (and then shredding the shreds) back in March, the Korean garage rockers Galaxy Express mean business with their riotous and hyper-energetic track ‘Jungle the Black’. On hearing… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning May 7 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

What a monster show! Brand new UK beats from SBTRKT, Disclosure, Blood Orange, Vessel, Adam Freeland, and Ursa Major! And none of those names were made up! Plus our PRODUCER IN THE SPOTLIGHT… Continue reading

Friendly Fires – ‘Live Those Days Tonight’

The FFs have come back strong. Check out their brilliant new track ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ below – the cover art for which features a raving parakeet reaching for the lasers. See Friendly… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 30 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Yes yes oh yay. Last FriSatday’s nightmorning’s show was a greatun. Photek was our PRODUCER IN THE SPOTLIGHT, Bristol beatheads Swarms provided our NIGHT DRIVE TUNE, and Lamb’s sublime Claude Debussy-sampling ‘Angelica’ soundtracked… Continue reading

Blind Melon – ‘Three Is a Magic Number’ (Video)

I’ve never had to concentrate so much on getting the lyrics right for a song before. 3 x 9? Really? You want the answer before the next chord change? Good job I’ve got… Continue reading

‘The Milk’ Knows You Got Soul: Essex, Hugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rather pleased with that title. Dear The Milk, if you ever want to use that as a name for a future album, single, or racehorse, you’re quite welcome. The Essex, UK band bring… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 23 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Starting off the show this week with the latest in UK ‘dream beats’ (it could take off) including brand new tracks and remixes from Szjerdene (think ‘jur-deen’ rather than ‘scissor de neigh’), Royalty,… Continue reading

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – ‘A.I.E.’ (Live on Later… with Jools Holland)

If you haven’t heard of Japanese jazz act Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, you need to shut down your computer right now and go and buy all of their albums and book flights, concert… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 16 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Big, good, and plenty thanks to everyone who tuned in to Dig Deep Radio on Friday night/Saturday morning! Showcasing the very best of UK electronica and British club culture sounds past, present and… Continue reading

Wiley – ‘Numbers In Action’ (Official Video)

UK grime godfather Wiley proves he does more than just ruminate on who’s wearing his Rolex in this brand new vid for brand new cut ‘Numbers In Action’ – giving bedroom producers everywhere… Continue reading

The Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’ (Official Video)

Still one of my favorite songs.     Still one of my favorite music videos.                  

Ghostpoet – ‘Survive It’ (Official Video)

The future of U.K. hip hop is here. Enter Ghostpoet. A confident yet chilled cadence like no other and rhymes so laid-back you’d think they were recorded while sat in a deckchair. Truly… Continue reading

Duff aka Da Flow – ‘Ruin’ (Japanese Grime Music Video)

With a beat and flow that sounds much more Bow than Tokyo, Japanese grime is well and truly gaining some great sinister stringed, heavily bassed-out, walloping beat momentum right now from artists like… Continue reading

Jamie Woon – ‘Lady Luck’ (Al Fresco Version Recorded Live in Cambodia)

  New Malden, London, UK soulstepper Jamie Woon records an acapella version of ‘Lady Luck’ live from a boat in the middle of a mangrove swamp in Cambodia. Not a bad way to… Continue reading

Photek – ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ (Official Video)

Listening to Benji B‘s recent show – where he interviewed the legendary Photek (and played wall-to-wall Photek productions from back in the day to the present day) – got me seriously inspired to… Continue reading

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx – ‘I’ll Take Care Of U’ (Official Video)

Meet Nisa Rodriguez, a 19-year-old boxer and single mother from the Bronx, New York. This video follows her as she works for a spot on the U.S. 2012 Olympic Boxing Team. So much… Continue reading

Blueprint – ‘So Alive’ (Official Video)

Fully experience what it’s like to be a wayward and errant paper plane (or rogue origami cathedral) by watching the official video to the fantastic ‘So Alive’ by Blueprint below. You can check… Continue reading

Radiohead – ‘Single Lotus Flowers’ (Video)

While everyone and their chihuahua sets the internet ablaze with chitter-chatter about the new Radiohead album ‘The King of Limbs’, nobody seems to have noticed that Thom Yorke completely wholesale-ripped-off Beyonce’s moves for… Continue reading

Hourglass Sea – ‘Another World’ (MP3)

Meet Dean Bentley aka Hourglass Sea: Bradford, England’s chief exporter of the finest fast-forward-to-the-future beat wizardry and synth melodies so polished you’d think he’d finished them off with an industrial buffer. Have a… Continue reading

Shark Move – ‘Evil War’

Who knew that 1970s Indonesia was a hotbed of raw psychedelic funk and prog rock? And how awesome is the band name ‘Shark Move’? Read all about it at the Stones Throw website,… Continue reading

The Cinematic Orchestra ft Roots Manuva – ‘All Things To All Men’

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of listening to this amazing, amazing, amazing song. What makes it even better is that it’s accompanied by a video shot by a SPbGATI (St Petersburg Academy… Continue reading

Wookie – ‘Scrappy’

This track is twelve years old yet still bends and blurs the boundaries of UK garage. Criminally underrated tune. Simple and effective.

Brazilian Taxi Driver Does a Scarily Good ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson

Brazil’s got talent. Bacana! [If you haven’t checked out Aloe Blacc’s stripped-down lounge soul cover of ‘Billie Jean’ yet, you need to do so right now]

GD & TOP – ‘Don’t Go Home’

My new favorite band. A flawless performance in every way. Extra points for ‘BlingBling Shop’ in the background. To be honest I wasn’t expecting Korea’s answer to Ja Rule’s gravelly baritone rap voice… Continue reading

DJ Hype, DJ Zinc & Pascal – ‘No Fear’

This is about as raw as jungle gets. No slick studio polishing of the drums and rounding off the edges of the bass here, instead it’s all about using beats and loops that… Continue reading

Wanda Jackson ft Jack White – ‘Thunder on the Mountain’ (Official Video)

If I had to list my favorite genres of music, rockabilly probably wouldn’t be the first, second, or even twenty-seventh style that springs to mind, but anytime Jack White is involved with anything… Continue reading

Wretch 32 – ‘Traktor’ (Mike Delinquent Project & Friction Remixes)

Can’t decide which one of these remixes I like better. First up, Mike Delinquent takes us back to 2000 with some strickly slick UK garridge bidnis that has me reaching for the MJ… Continue reading

Phlash & Friends ft Shea Soul – ‘Runnin’

I’ve had this hook from Phil Asher and his friends Mark de Clive Lowe and Shea Soul trottin’, runnin’, and gallopin’ through my mind all day. Pretty much bang-on-perfect singalong uplifting soulful disco… Continue reading

Portishead – ‘Strangers’ (Live from Roseland NYC)

Temporarily forgot just how great Portishead are. Especially with this relentless derk-derk-derk hook that sounds like a busy signal on Jupiter. Dude busting moves at 1:37 is how I will dance to everything… Continue reading

Michelle Shaprow – ‘If I Lost You’ (King Britt Scuba Mix)

Subtle and sublime Saturday afternoon winter sunshine vibes from LA’s Michelle Shaprow, whose ‘If I Lost You’ gets a snappy rolling kick and warm Rhodes rework from soulful house stalwart King Britt underneath… Continue reading

Talib Kweli – ‘Cold Rain’ (from his forthcoming album ‘Gutter Rainbows’)

A fine return to form for Mr T as he teams up with producer Ski Beatz to revisit the piano-led kick-snare, kick-snare hi-hat and female gospel chorus formula that made his Kanye-produced single… Continue reading

Macklemore – ‘The Town’ (Official Video)

Mustachioed Seattle rhymesmith Macklemore throws down some love for all things 206. Happy 2011 everybody.

Krystal Klear – ‘Tried For Your Love’ (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Sure the original is glorious enough (Krystal Klear is a solid recommend for any and all Dam-Funkers out there) but it’s the sheer genius of the ‘Hawke to spelunk some ravey pianos, horns,… Continue reading

Gorillaz cover ‘Crystalised’ by the xx (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Video)

Wrap all of your ears around this beautifully restrained and very earnest cover of ‘Crystalised’ (you heard it here on the Neon Milkbus first, maybe, possibly, possibly maybe) by the xx (too cool… Continue reading

Gold Panda – ‘Snow and Taxis’ (Video)

I’m kind of glad the Panda didn’t go with the cliched ‘snow and taxis’ slow-motion-New-York-yellow-cabs-in-a-snowstorm vibe. Instead he’s all like, “How awesome is vegetation!”

Jamie Woon – ‘Night Air’ [Produced by Burial] (Official Video)

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, Jamie Woon (who you might remember from Debruit’s ‘I’m Goin’ Wit You’) turns in a soulful and heartfelt orchestral ode to maneuvers in… Continue reading

Jamie Lidell – ‘Little Bit of Feel Good’ (La Garage Mix)

Apparently in French ‘La Garage’ is roughly translated as ‘live version of song accompanied by cool malfunctioning-television video’. Jamie Lidell: fusing feel-good soul with a little bit of electronica one beat, bar, beard,… Continue reading

The New Holidays – ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’

After seeing Mayer Hawthorne croon this live in concert last night, thumbing through the racks of YouTube today uncovered the original version of ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’, recorded in 1969 by The New… Continue reading

Jed and Lucia – ‘Apostrophe’ (Official Video)

Beautiful autumnal listening from the Ubiquity Records camp. Usually known for their raw, deep-dug, soul-rich hip hop and hypnotic house numbers, here the label has made bold strides into whispery acoustic territory with… Continue reading