Pharoah Sanders – ‘Greeting to Saud’

Cloudwalking desert jazz that sounds like someone tinkling on a piano half buried in a sand dune inside a lantern-filled Abu Dhabi souk. Love it. Here’s an interview with the tenor sax-toting legend… Continue reading

Jon Hopkins – ‘Vessel’ (Four Tet Remix)

Bliss. Perfect late night listening from Jon Hopkins, a UK electronica artist who’s no stranger to contributing his starry-skied digital magic to tracks by Coldplay, Imogen Heap, David Holmes, Tunng, Four Tet, and… Continue reading

Offstage Surprise!

You know a rainy summer hip hop block party festival crowd is at its collective euphoric peak when you see something like this breaking out. Skills to pay the bills.

New Single from Cut Copy – ‘Where I’m Going’

While this is an explicitly concrete departure from the usual feelgood Aussie disco synth-esis (hey!) of Cut Copy into unfamiliar indie-guitar-with-tambourine waters, it’s also hookier than a bag of fishing tackle watching that… Continue reading

Stevie Wonder – ‘Sesame Street’

Proof that 1972 was a great year for music and television and music television. If this two minute snippet is anything to go by. From back when the Voicebox was the apex of… Continue reading

Katy B – ‘Katy on a Mission’ (Produced by Benga)

Bran’ Nu! Courtesy of one of the greatest online bass music radio stations in the world (that just got awarded a license to broadcast on FM in the UK!) Rinse FM South London… Continue reading

World’s Largest Skateboard

Two things I did not expect from this best great video: 1. A comically enormous (and I mean enormous) skateboard. 2. The sounds of ABBA as a skateboarding soundtrack. Incredulous!

Music Monday: Pino Daniele – ‘Yes I Know My Way’

The only thing better than this 1970s Italo-pop-rock-disco-cosmo-soul masterpiece is the 1970s Italian television studio it’s filmed in. I never knew these shades of beige existed.

Music Monday: Minus The Bear – ‘My Time’

Centuries from now, when archaeologists carefully brush away the desert sand to reveal an ancient civilization once known as YouTube, they’ll scratch their heads and wonder how simple, DIY stop-motion music videos full… Continue reading

Levi’s Pioneer Sessions – FREE Brand New Cover Versions of Classic Tracks by The Roots, Raphael Saadiq, Passion Pit, Nas, and more! Download and Listen With Your Ears!

No-one really knows how to make money from music anymore. We know that people generally don’t expect to have to pay for songs nowadays but they also will be happily and dementedly eager… Continue reading

Jamiroquai’s Cup Noodle Ad Virtually Borders on Insanity

Yes it’s real. Jay Kay does a ‘Lost In Translation’ and taps into the lucrative Japanese TV commercial market by adapting ‘Virtual Insanity’ to champion the Cup Noodle cause while the karaoke booth… Continue reading

Helpful Suffixes for Instant and Irresponsible Sensationalism

Situation is mildly controversial: – gate Situation is mildly inconvenient: – mageddon Situation is mildly awesome: – orama

Hungarian Woman Loses It

She’s either Hungarian or quite possibly Glaswegian. I think I’ve heard this knock-knock joke before.

Neon Breakfast Tracklisting: Sat 29 May 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

THANK YOU, GRACIAS and DOMO ARIGATO (whatever that means) to everyone who tuned in this morning for the LAST NEON BREAKFAST on world famous GEORGE FM! So many new tunes and classic heavy-hitters… Continue reading

Burqas ‘n’ Kickflips: Skateboarding in Afghanistan!

Skateistan is a non-profit, co-educational skateboarding school located in Kabul. Check out for more videos and details of their upcoming film. On a separate note, big chunky knee-pads are long overdue a… Continue reading

Danish Bus Driver Gets Sung Happy Birthday! By Everyone!

Mukhtar, a bus driver in Copenhagen, gets surprise birthday punk’d by undercover bus choristers, a rogue trumpeter, and the happiest reason for a flashmob ever. Quite possibly the most heartwarming video you’ve seen… Continue reading

Neon Breakfast Tracklisting: Sat 22 May 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

Big thanks to everyone who tuned in this morning for the ELECTRIC ECLECTIC (not a bad name that) GOODNESS that is the NEON BREAKFAST live and direct on world famous GEORGE FM. It… Continue reading

Folk Musicians Who Slightly Altered Their Stage Names When They Went Hip Hop

1. Bob Dilla 2. Johnny Ca$$$h 3. KRS-One Kristofferson 4. Big Willie Nelson 5. Lil Way’n Jennings 6. Art Garfunkel

Underworld – ‘Scribble’

Euphoria! Brand new single ‘Scribble’ from Underworld’s forthcoming album. Plus a video that looks like it was made on a budget of 18 quid, a Mars bar nicked from a service station, and… Continue reading

Neon Breakfast Tracklisting: Sat 15 May 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

Bit of a name change this week as we move from being NEON MIXTAPE to NEON BREAKFAST. We’re still the same on the inside though. LOVE GEORGE FM and LOVE EARLY MORNING ECLECTIC… Continue reading

Reflections On Sitting In The Balcony Seats For The First Time At A Gig Waiting For Vampire Weekend To Come On Stage

Usually I’m positioned front and centre for gigs, ready to scream, jump, yelp, raise a fist and by and large have a pretty fantastic time right smack bang in the middle of a… Continue reading

Photobombing + Goat =

GOATOBOMBING! You might not think this is funny now but later on tonight while you’re brushing your teeth you’ll remember this and laugh uncontrollably till you’re a mess of toothpaste, toothbrush bristles and… Continue reading

Things Singers Always Say In Between Songs When Performing in NZ

‘I wish I could stay longer in your beautiful country’ ‘Your country is beautiful’ They also say ‘This next song is called…’ and ‘Thank you’ a lot.

REVIEW: Henry Rollins – Monday 26 April 2010 – Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland, NZ

I’m late to see Henry Rollins, but I can already hear his booming, animated voice from outside the auditorium as I hurriedly approach the doors. As I quietly creak them open, I walk… Continue reading

The PS22 Chorus – ‘Lisztomania’

You never thought once you clicked ‘play’ below that these eighty or so Staten Island elementary schoolers would sing so, so beautifully. It’s one thing to cover a run of the popular songs… Continue reading

Neon Mixtape Tracklisting: Sat 8 May 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

Plenty brand new blissed out and bassy Left Coast beats this morning from Ras G, MED and Free The Robots. Plus brand new Fly-Lo, Jay Electronica, Toddla T, and dark, dark, grimey, stripped-down… Continue reading

Luther Vandross – ‘A House Is Not A Home’

I’ve always liked the phrase ‘Sing Like You Can’. I’ve tried to employ it in numerous pursuits of mine, including hang gliding, dog sled racing, and singing. However if there’s one man that… Continue reading

LCD Soundsystem – ‘Drunk Girls’

So this is how Japanese TV gets made. Highlight: DFA songstress Nancy Whang getting a surprisingly relentless and merciless egging! I would have thought there would be more robots backstage at NHK –… Continue reading

Cat. Standing. Up!

SOUNDTRACK! By next Tuesday he’ll have learned to drive and by next Friday he’ll have opened a bank account. This time next year you’ll be working for him.

Neon Mixtape Tracklisting: Sat 1 May 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

Brand new glitch/UK garage/dubstep/purple/stuff that sounds like Martyn (what DO you call it?) music played today from FaltyDL, Joy Orbison, Dubbel Dutch and BD1982. Plus plenty of iPod-on-perfect-shuffle handbrake turns along the way… Continue reading

George Costanza: Waaay Ahead Of The Curve

I knew it all along. Expect to see glasses as thick as fishbowls and Russell Athletic tracksuit bottoms with white socks and sturdy tennis shoes EVERYWHERE at the next Paris Fashion Week. Again,… Continue reading

Neon Mixtape Tracklisting: Sat 24 April 7am-10am LIVE on George FM

Another blazin’ show, thanks to all for tuning in! Rinsed out some Nihongo hip hop, some Bug Powder Dust, some James Brown, and some Sesame Street rave! Jamie Lidell – “You Got Me… Continue reading

8-Bit Battle Of New York!

Literally incredible. Filmmaker Patrick Jean documents 8-bit icons from the 80s attacking the Big (pixelated) Apple. It’s all about Donkey Kong throwing barrels off the top of the Empire State building. If this… Continue reading

Reflections On Going To The Talib Kweli Concert (On My Own)

I’d never been to a gig by myself before, but having just become a bonafide music journalist for a magazine (with free entry to the concert and everything!) I figured this was what… Continue reading

Bran’ Nu Intro Sting For The Neon Mixtape Radio Show On George FM

Neon Mixtape Intro Sting by dandigs Ya dig? There’s around twelve different samples used (not counting vinyl scratches and recorded vocal snippets) and I’m offering a prize of “one million dollars”* to the… Continue reading

Monkey On A Skateboard

It was only a matter of time.

Kyoto State Of Mind

There’s been more than a few ‘tribute’ remixes of Empire State Of Mind floating around the blogosphere (officially the first and last time I’m using that word) but this is the best I’ve… Continue reading

The World’s Scariest Easter Bunnies

It’s midnight as I type this and I’m literally terrified. How can Easter Bunnies be scarier than all Santas and clowns combined? If I saw one of these as a kid I’d probably… Continue reading

Philippines Got Talent

Susan Boyle ain’t got nothing on Reggie Ramirez. Who duets. With himself! Skills! Check the Filipino equivalent of Simon Cowell. And Ant and Dec. He deserves to win everything.

Lyrics To Songs Which When Memorised Earned You An Incredible Amount Of Social Currency When You Were 8

Good: ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Better: ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ Expert-level: Public Enemy – ‘Bring The Noise’ (although no one expects you to know the words past the first verse) No one cares:… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) returns with this slice of rom-com insanity with Michael Cera once again playing the awkward, introverted teen trying to get the girl. (500)… Continue reading

The Neon Mixtape With Dan Digs – George FM – Sat 7am-10am NZT

What’s good? So I’ve now got a radio show on George FM – New Zealand’s premier nationwide electronic/dance radio station – doing the breakfast slot every Saturday 7am-10am NZT! Tune in and wrap… Continue reading

Upon The Floor

Specsavers Hammersmith was never quite like this.

Gorillaz – ‘Stylo’ (Alex Metric Remix)

Sure, the intro isn’t that inspired, just a kick-drum over the acappella, but it’s all about the breakdown. You feel it coming with the drum fill and then whoomph! In come the horns… Continue reading

Sesame Streetlife

I always thought M.O.P. wrote this song until I saw the original version below.

Burger Porn

Top shelf material. From the great city of Seattle, America. Check the Safeco Field shot in photo 2 which serves as undeniable proof of the veracity of the previous sentence. It’s all about… Continue reading

If Ya Got A 1000 Yen Bill Put Your Hands Up

You can keep your rims, 40s, and diamond-encrusted microwaves. Real hip hop is when you rap about how brilliant snowflakes are.

Gentlemen Broncos

Where were the Oscar nominations for THIS? Lord of the Rings meets Napoleon Dynamite. With Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords. Although after watching the trailer (which pretty much tells you the entire… Continue reading

Rollerskating Monkey In Japan!

No, THIS is the best thing I have ever seen. It’s all about the jump.

Debruit – ‘I’m Goin’ Wit You’

Still massive. Spaceman Om’Mas Keith from Sa-Ra, soulster Jamie Woon (think a less processed, male Imogen Heap who’s clearly listened to more than a few Stevie Wonder records) and a synth line that… Continue reading