Austrian Photographer Josef Hoflehner’s “Jet Airliner” – Black & White Photographs of Airplanes Zooming Inches Over the Beaches of the West Indies

The arresting monochrome and stark surreality and juxtaposition of heavy, sleek, man-made, polished, winged titanic tubes of steel screaming fury only a few feet above the warm, carefree, untroubled, neo-Edenesque sands of St.… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 14 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Leftfield hip-hop, experimental bass, stompin’ beats, and a 30 minute mix of rare cover versions of classic tracks all on tonight’s show!   Here’s how we wove that tangled web. FIRST TRACK IS… Continue reading

Caine’s Arcade (Video)

A 9-year-old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store is about to have the best day of his life.   Best line: I asked him how… Continue reading

Squarepusher – “Dark Steering” (From the “Ufabulum” LP) (Official Video)

Squarepusher’s latest “Dark Steering” is the musical offspring of dot matrix printers, ringtones from ’94, 8-bit motorcycle gear changes, and winning moves in video games. Despite the fuzz and blur of the retro-synths… Continue reading

Benga – “I Will Never Change” (Music Video Created by Us)

New clip for Benga‘s gently emotional dubstep choon  “I Will Never Change” was created by the wonderful people at Us and uses 960 individually cut records to create a real-life, real-time waveform of… Continue reading

Communion (Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Lovett, Ben Howard, the Staves, Johannes of Bear’s Den) – “Over the Hill” (John Martyn Cover) (Performed at SXSW 2012 in Austin, Texas)

I’ve been evangelizing to anyone who will listen about the brilliance of Michael Kiwanuka for some time now. This video will convince you of that brilliance. It’s quite, quite heartwarming and beautiful.  … Continue reading

Burial & Four Tet – “Moth” (Official Video)

This is your brain on spicy food.   (Honestly, how is it possible that Misters Burial and Four Tet sound like they’re just messing about with FruityLoops and GarageBand here and yet still… Continue reading

Mr. J. Medeiros ft J Kyle Gregory – “Shower Curtains” (MP3) (From the “Saudade” LP)

Perfect listening for 2:44am on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Which, coincidentally, is the time at this very exact moment.   Right now, there is only the tall, dark green trees, the night, the… Continue reading

El Tipo Este – “Si Esta Es Mi Mamá” (Official Video)

This Cuban grandma got bars.   Puts the “g” in “g’ma.”  

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning April 7 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Dig Deep is your one-stop shop for beats, bass, hip-hop, and electronic soul, broadcast each and every Friday night, 1am-3am on KBCS 91.3FM Bellevue-Seattle and   Ever so much goodness tonight from… Continue reading

Oscar and Martin – “What I Know” (MP3)

Former Psuchers Oscar and Martin wonkify your pop-infused r’n’b on a Thursday.   Oscar and Martin – “What I Know”   Love the analogue production on this one. Also, need that sweater and… Continue reading

Killbot Kindergarten – “Be Defeated” (MP3 from the “Killbot Kindergarten” EP) (Free Download)

Soulful electronic’n’b (that’s a thing, right?) from Australia’s Killbot Kindergarten, which is either a school for three to five-year-old sentient death machines or the first and last name of an elderly Dutch gentleman.… Continue reading

Bad Bad Not Good ft Leland Whitty – “UWM” (MP3 from the “BBNG2” LP) (Free Album Download)

Jazz (We’ve Got). Bad Bad Not Good are no strangers to the shores of Neon Milk, and they’re back with their second full-length LP BBNG2, where James Blake, Gucci Mane, and Kanye West… Continue reading

Cut Copy Bassist Ben Browning’s New Single – “I Can’t Stay” (Official Video)

Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning snips highlife guitar tinkles, splices mournful indie-pop vox washes, and pastes disco sheen on the lot to create the best aftershave commerical/French New Wave film that never was.… Continue reading

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Mobius Streak” (Taken from the “Tawk Tomahawk” LP)

  Grab your ears and stick them on this Aussie future soul shimmer and r’n’beats glimmer from Melbourne.       Hiatus Kaiyote is their name, which still has me thinking of a… Continue reading

Hudson Mohawke & Lunice are TNGHT – “Introducing…” (Official Promo Video from Scion AV)

TNGHT (which, in this crazy, topsy-turvy, let’s-omit-all-the-vowels 3.0 wrld, I’m guessing stands for “Tonight” and not “TongueHate”) is the new partnership between the immensely talented Glaswegian maker-of-the-warped-beats Hudson Mohawke and the immensely talented… Continue reading

Jai Paul – “Jasmine” (Demo)

Very excited for new this Jai Paul demo that surfaced yesterday. Been a fan of the Rayners Lane, north west London producer’s output ever since his future soul track “BTSTU” with its signature… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning March 31 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Throwback tracks and brand new beats all in the mix tonight!     Here’s how the sound got wound around. LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD SHALL WE Christophe Beck – “Dolby’s… Continue reading

Gilles Peterson’s “Music Missionaries” BBC Radio 1 TV Ad from 2001 (Video)

Check out this TV ad from way back in 2001 for Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 1 show featuring his one-time producer Benji B here.     Viewing notes: 1. The kick on St… Continue reading

Homeboy Sandman – “The Miracle” (Official Video)

Like pouring six bowls of Cap’n Crunch in your ears.   Love it when hip-hop just gets plain weird.  

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning March 24 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Hip-hop, house, drum ‘n’ bass, and sounds future and classic all in the mix tonight. Raw, whole, fresh, and organic. Good for your health.   Here’s how we got them beats sliced and… Continue reading

REVIEW: The Robert Glasper Experiment featuring Bilal at Neumos Seattle: Eclectic Relaxation (Friday March 23, 2012)

“His mastery of musical astronomy created constellations where there had once only been lone stars. The orbits of the planets Coltrane, Hancock, Dilla, Yorke, Morello, and Cobain were shifted and new asterisms formed.… Continue reading

Funkommunity – “Dandelion” (Official Video)

Loving this Nu Zealand nu soul with a groove that’s heavily indebted to the L.A. beat scene.   Must be something in the sunshine.  

B.Traits ft Elizabeth Troy – “Fever” (Official Video)

Equal parts 90s UK house, 90s UK garage, 90s UK drum ‘n’ bass, 90s UK rave, 90s UK diva vox. 100% joy.   A decade of British dance music expertly distilled into 3… Continue reading

REVIEW: Skream & Benga at Neumos Seattle: Why Seattle Does Dance (Thursday March 22, 2012)

“The sonic assault emanating from the two CDJs and a mixer upon which Skream and Benga tag-teamed throughout their set was like a sea monster with severe indigestion from eating an alien spaceship.… Continue reading

Julia Stone – “Let’s Forget All the Things that We Say” (Oliver Tank Remix)

5:04am music. Released nine hours ago from man of the lushly-stringed nocturnal moment Oliver Tank.   (I’ve banged on before about Mr. O.T. being a James-Blake-soundalike-Aussie, primarily because it sounded like a cool… Continue reading

Crazy P – “Changes” (Behling & Simpson Remix) (Free MP3 Download)

When I saw there was a new Behling & Simpson remix up, such was my excitement that I clicked on “Download” just a little bit faster than the time it takes a hummingbird… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning March 17 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Brand new beats in the form of hip-hop, house, and drum ‘n’ bass tonight! Here’s how it stopped, dropped, and rolled. Mos Def vs Flying Lotus – “Mathematics” (Duncan Gerow Remix) DAN DIGS… Continue reading

One Little Plane ft Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood – “She Was Out in the Water” (Produced by Four Tet)

Every once in a while I’ll take a dive head-first into the weird and wonderful gym-bag that is “folktronica” (see Beth Orton and the Chems’ collaborative output, see also the rather excellent Perfect… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning March 10 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Remixes tonight from NZ’s Adi Dick, LA’s Jeremy Sole, UK’s Ghostpoet, and a welcome return for the Prodigy. Plus Michigan hip-hop from 14KT, new Damon Albarn-produced Bobby Womack (going strangely dubstep on the… Continue reading

Mary Anne Hobbs at TEDxManchester 2012 (Video)

Inspiration with no expiration from Xfm (and former BBC Radio 1) DJ and champion of all future sounds of greatness Mary Anne Hobbs.   “Charge at your dreams and never look back.”  

14KT ft Tony Ozier – “Width” (Official Video)

Thursday feel-good song. “When can they measure the width of our love?”   “Never a time.”   Find this track and more from Ypsilanti, Michigan’s 14KT on his latest album A Friendly Game… Continue reading

Hammersmith & Fulham Council in West London Gives Thanks (Video)

My former home borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (host of the 1908 Olympic Games and the U.K. headquarters of L’Oréal and South African Airways, no less!) in west London released this video gold… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning March 3 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Too many good new tunes tonight. New beats from the 2 Bears, Yuna, cody chesnuTT, Mo Kolours, Part-Time Heroes, and Sweatson Klank aka Take! Plus locally grown produce from THEESatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces, and… Continue reading

Joker ft Buggsy & Otis Brown – “Lost” (Official Video)

Big look for Joker on this one.   Pathos is as heavy here as his signature synths.  

Nina Kraviz – “Ghetto Kraviz” (Official Video)

Nina Kraviz here with a late-night haze of rhythmic 909 kicks that kick you in the shins and claps that clap you across the face. Slurred, talk-in-your-sleep talk is ladled over the top… Continue reading

Every BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix EVER from October 1993 to April 2011

Words cannot describe my excitement over this.   Forget every book about electronic music and club culture you’ve ever read or wanted to read, this is the definitive guide to dance music’s evolution… Continue reading

Richard Swift – “Broken Finger Blues” (Free MP3 Download)

The perfect rainy day song. The Shins’ Richard Swift sounding not completely unlike early Mayer Hawthorne sounding not completely unlike the large majority of the Motown greats.   Although when your full name… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning February 25 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

New music tonight from Geoff Barrow from Portishead’s new hip hop project Quakers (will someone please tell me how I can get a hold of the stupendously good sample that sounds like a… Continue reading

Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro – “Look Around The Corner” (Live) (Official Video)

Quantic and Alice Russell quietly pour the best of Rotary Connection and Cumbia rhythm into your soul.   Understated, soothing, and gently brilliant, like a splash of rum in your tea.   Nice… Continue reading

Ifan Dafydd – “Treehouse” (Official Video)

There’s plenty of moody and introspective vocal electronic music out there right now with the “post-dubstep” or “sounds a bit James Blake-y” tags. The music of Ifan Dafydd is far better than those… Continue reading

Die & Break ft MC Fats & Buggsy – “Peace & Dub” (from the Grand Funk Hustle EP ) (Official Video)

Pure Bristol vibes.   Rave in peace.

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning February 18 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

New music this week from Jakes, Teebs, Gummy Soul, Shlohmo, and WhoMadeWho. Plus classic tracks from Mark de Clive-Lowe (his first ever remix!), Photek, Armand Van Helden, and local Pacific Northwest sounds from… Continue reading

Thavius Beck – “Thanks”

  Morning tune.         L.A.’s Thavius Beck comes correct with some lush, cinematically-orchestrated strings. “Thanks” is perfect pre-noon listening.     Thavius Beck – “Thanks”         Grab… Continue reading

Quadron – “Day” (Official Video)

To me, Quadron’s band name will always sound like a black metal outfit formed by Harvard mathematicians. Who knew they would actually turn out to be an easily-lovable Danish duo fully capable of… Continue reading

Photek – “Into the 90s”

Woke up with this super-relaxing-times Photek tune in my head this morning.   Which is strange because my wake-up alarm ringtone is usually Three 6 Mafia’s “Poppin My Collar.”

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning February 11 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

New music this week from Dam-Funk, Mux Mool, Homeboy Sandman, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and Sophia Knapp! It really just might be too perfect. Plus we spin SertOne’s J Dilla tribute track, L-Vis 1990’s… Continue reading

Enjoyed – “Paws” (Official Video)

The UK producer’s lush, Balearic, synthpopped, chillwaved track “Paws” finally gets the video treatment. The result is exactly what you’d expect this sound to look like if you could see it: multiple dream-like… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning February 4 2012 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM &

Dig Deep is back from a two week hiatus!   Brand new and bangin’ tracks from the Funk League, Mike Skinner, Giraffage, and DJ Format, plus we pay tribute to J Dilla, we… Continue reading

A. R. Rahman, Suresh Peters & Shahul Hameed – “Urvasi Urvasi” from the movie “Kadhalan” aka “Humse Hai Muqabla” (1994) (Official Video)

Viewing notes: 1. This is some of the greatest dancing since MJ. And one of the best music videos ever. 2. I actually and involuntarily “laughed out loud” at 0:23. 3. Defying death… Continue reading