Kidd Feather – “Sirene” (Official Video)


Switzerland’s Kidd Feather creates kaleidoscopic, refracted, psychedelic electronic pop.



Now living in East London, he says that his homeland was instrumental in influencing his musical style.


“I grew up surrounded by perfection and somehow, all that beauty made me yearn for a kind of darkness,” Kidd Feather says. “When I left Switzerland at the age of 19, I went a little crazy for a while, trying out new things, and having lots of experiences. It was a pretty intense time, and that’s probably what I draw on the most in my lyrics. I have learned that life is like a sheet of glass – it can be immaculate, or it can break into lots of interesting pieces. I think that’s what I’m trying to communicate in my songs.”


The video for “Sirene” is all of those things; intense, a little crazy, and broken into lots of interesting pieces.



Kidd Feather – “Sirene” (Official Video)





Get Kidd Feather‘s “Sirene” via his website here.