Until The Ribbon Breaks – “Pressure” (UNKLE Reconstruction)


Until the Ribbon Breaksoriginal version of “Pressure” and his most recent album, A Taste of Silver both shine thanks to a surfeit of musical talent and willingness for sonic experimentation from Cardiff, Wales’ Pete Lawrie Winfield.


Until the Ribbon Breaks.

Until the Ribbon Breaks.




James Lavelle under his UNKLE nom-de-gloom then decided to come along and disassemble and reconstruct Winfield’s “Pressure” into something even more edgier and nocturnal.


With some help from Massive Attack’s “Blue Lines” (the shaker and drum beat sample of “Sneakin’ in the Back” by Tom Scott and the L.A. Express) and Massive Attack’s “Protection” (the flange flashes of lone electric guitar chords of “The Payback” by James Brown), “Pressure” now feels darker and grittier; in other words, getting the full UNKLE treatment.



Until The Ribbon Breaks – “Pressure” (UNKLE Reconstruction)






You can download “A Taste of Silver” for free by clicking “Like” on Until the Ribbon Breaks’ Facebook page here.





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