Listen/Download this Week’s DIG DEEP Radio Show with Dan Digs: Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul on KBCS 91.3FM Seattle – May 26, 2012 Tracklisting

Very special edition of Dig Deep tonight as we welcomed DJ Hojo from Seattle’s JK Pop! club night to the studio to talk all things Japanese and Korean pop and play us some… Continue reading

Jonti – “Nightshift in Blue” (Official Video)

This is South Africa-via-Australia future psychedelic soul composer Jonti.   Somewhere two Muppets must be feeling the cold.  

DJ Adlib – “1,2 Yo!” (Official Video)

One to grow on from Cologne, Germany’s DJ Adlib.   Those drums, those fingerclicks and handclaps.  

Monophonics – “There’s a Riot Goin’ On” (Official Video)

A Sly cover from San Francisco six-piece Monophonics from their new album In Your Brain.   That wah-wah fuzz-funk bassline.  

“Big Fun in the Big Town” DVD (Official Trailer)

A marvelous title for a marvelous hip-hop documentary that was produced in 1986 and shot entirely in New York City by the marvelous Dutch filmmaker, journalist, rap fanatic, and owner of possibly the… Continue reading

Sene – “Footprints” (Official Video)

Stop-motion sketchin’.   Sene’s album Brooklyknight is out now on Plug Research.  

Stik Figa – “Flaudgin” (Official Video)

Topeka, Kansas slang for fronting or posturing.   Solid, humble, honest, and refreshingly down-to-earth rap business. “I’m chilling in the cut/Can’t spill what’s in my cup/Cuz it’s cranberry-vodka, dawg, for real, it costs… Continue reading

Quakers ft Guilty Simpson & MED – “Fitta Happier” (Official Video)

One of the most exciting hip-hop tracks (and projects) of 2012. Quakers is a 35-person (35!) hip-hop collective, centered around three producers: Fuzzface (Portishead’s Geoff Barrow), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7Stu7 (Stuart Matthews).… Continue reading

Kindness – “House” (Official Video)

I’ve mentioned Adam Bainbridge and the song “House” by his band Kindness before. Here’s the official video for the song, which is prefaced by a short treatise on the matter of pop music.… Continue reading

Tom Middleton – “Bass Music Roots & Inspiration 86-92” (DJ Mix)

History lesson.   From Tom Middleton’s Soundcloud page: This mix marks the release of TOM MIDDLETON’s debut sample loop pack for LOOPMASTERS ARTIST SERIES AS101 : DEEP BASS HOUSE which is available now… Continue reading

Scissor Sisters ft Josh Homme – “Magic Hour” Infomercial (Video)

Joshua Hommé presents this infomercial for the Scissor Sitters’ latest album.   Chokeful of new tunes from one of the most celebrated artists from our time slash generation period. And it’s always pulling… Continue reading

Nicolas Jaar’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix – May 19, 2012 (DJ Mix)

This mix was (and may well be still) the most exciting thing to happen in music last weekend.   Look out for the Twin Peaks spoken word intro, Jay-Z acapella, two tracks from… Continue reading

Julio Bashmore – “Au Seve”

Tune of the pre-summer. No question.   Julio Bashmore – “Au Seve”   #Simple #Effective #Massive #ThatBassline #SmashedIt  

Listen/Download this Week’s DIG DEEP Radio Show with Dan Digs: Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul on KBCS 91.3FM Seattle – May 19, 2012 Tracklisting

This week’s episode was seriously and especially good. Very excited to play all of these tunes. Plus spoke with Scot Porter aka Vox Mod of Seattle’s Lazer Kitty live on the telephone! You… Continue reading

Cloud Boat – “Lions on the Beach”

More of that Mount Kimbie-ish, “pastoral dubstep” sound.   Rather nice.  

Dub Phizix ft FOX – “Never Been” (Official Video)

Not a million miles away from “Marka,” but still plenty heavy in its own right. Amen break that cuts in at 2:20 is a nice touch.   Interesting move filming the sequel to… Continue reading

Walk this Way, No, the Other Way: the Alternate Beatles Abbey Road Album Cover Photo Up for Auction

It’s expected to go for a mere 9,000 quid.   Also possibly available: photos of the Nirvana baby swimming upside down and the Dark Side of the Moon album cover outtake that features… Continue reading

Sabre, Stray & Halogenix ft Frank Carter III – “Oblique” (Official Video)

Precise, lean, future bound d’n’b.   Night music.  

Kids Reenact Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” Video

James Winters is a film-maker and dad from Portland, Oregon. He combines both roles in this reenactment of the Beasties’ “Sabotage” vid below.   “Bake ’em away, toys.“  

Derek Dumont – “Left the Floor”

Many have covered, reworked, sampled, and cut-and-pasted the Minnie Riperton classic of classics: “Les Fleur.” Los Angeles-via-Pittsburgh producer Derek Dumont steps up to add his name to that canon by turning in an… Continue reading

Listen/Download this Week’s DIG DEEP Radio Show with Dan Digs: Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul on KBCS 91.3FM Seattle – May 12, 2012 Tracklisting

Too many amazing tunes all in the mix tonight. UPDATE! The Dig Deep radio show is now available to download as a podcast on iTunes! Click here to get it zapped into your… Continue reading

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the… BLURST of Times? You Stupid Monkey!

  Best Simpsons line ever.  

Prince Charles Presents the Weather! (Video)

  Best moment is at 0min 43 sec: “Aha!”  

Marvin Gaye – “Ain’t that Peculiar” (Oddisee Remix) (Official Video)

Production is tight. Oddisee delivers the goods once again.   Grab Oddisee’s debut album People Hear What They See released on June 12 and download his remix EP Odd Renditions for free on… Continue reading

The Making of “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Beatles (Video)

Earlier this week the TV series Mad Men allegedly paid a quarter of a bajillion dollars to use this song as part of the soundtrack to the latest episode. It’s a fantastic piece… Continue reading

LeFtO Films: Do-Over Osaka

The Do-Over is a series of itinerant daytime backyard boogie downs held in select secluded surroundings all over the world, including off-the-beaten-path locations in Manila, Dubai (the “Dune-Over” – yes!), Miami, Honolulu, Waiheke… Continue reading

Lovebirds – “Keep Coming”

House music all day long. (Love the cheeky Adeeva “In and Out of My Life” vocal sample that sneaks in around the 4 minute mark.)   Download “Keep Coming” from the Keep Coming… Continue reading

Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont (Baptism)” (from the Mass EP) (Free MP3 Download)

Chicago-based producer Mister Lies aka Nick Zanca, 19, who, when not studying dramatic writing and philosophy at Columbia College, crafts floaty, pastoral, nocturnal electronic beats.   Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont… Continue reading

Anthony Valadez ft Mar – “Under Water” (Official Video) (Plug Research)

“So what kind of music do you like?” is the question that is impossible to answer without multiple diagrams, pens and paper, a whiteboard, a reliable internet connection, an open and fully-stocked record… Continue reading

Robert Glasper & Derrick Hodge – “Teen Spirit” (Exclusively Recorded Live for Gilles Peterson on BBC Radio 1)

Beautiful.   Read my review of Robert Glasper’s recent stellar Seattle show here.  

Explosions in the Sky – “Postcard from 1952” (Official Music Video)

There are plenty of bands who try to emulate the instrumental post-rock, do-without-the-singer thing, but Explosions in the Sky do it better than all of them.   Can’t wait to see the follow-up… Continue reading

Toomy Disco – “Outstanding”

This slow slice of funk disco house is outstanding.   Simply watching a vinyl record slowly and unvaryingly spin round and round and round on a turntable is surprisingly calming. (Unless of course… Continue reading

Listen/Download this Week’s DIG DEEP Radio Show with Dan Digs: Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul on KBCS 91.3FM Seattle – May 5, 2012 Tracklisting

Tonight we paid homage to MCA aka Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys who very sadly passed away on Friday. We also spun reggae, London rhymes, hip-hop from Tall Black Guy Productions, German… Continue reading

Urban Nerds Interview David Rodigan at Snowbombing 2011

David Rodigan is 60 years old, loves reggae and dancehall music, and is as sharp as a tack.   An incredibly inspirational and articulate interview. If you don’t have 13 minutes to spare… Continue reading

LTJ Bukem – “Cosmic Interlude”

L.T.J. Bukem. Presents. Earth. Volume. Two.   Essential late-90s jazzy downtempo and logically progressive drum ‘n’ bass listening. That striving bassline.  

Analog Drum ‘n’ Bass (Video)

This is warmth. So many wires for that analog sound that purrs like a cat with a sunset in its belly. Says K X, “This is my imagining of what circa ’98-era minimal… Continue reading

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Fire” (Mr Scruff Remix) (Snippet)

A snippet of new Scruff is better than no snippet at all.   Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – “Fire” (Mr Scruff Remix) (Snippet)   Bass, brass, and cowbell spin you right round.  

Classic Album Covers Recreated Using Only 144 Dots

Gary Andrew Clarke aka Graphic Nothing enjoys recreating classic album covers with dots. 144 of them, to be precise. Here are some of my favorites. You might have to set your laptop down… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Radio Show – Dig Deep – Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul – Saturdays 1am to 3am PST on KBCS 91.3FM Bellevue-Seattle & – April 28, 2012 Tracklisting

More leftfield soulful beat and bass greatness this week from Shabazz Palaces, Ben Westbeech, Wookie, El Michels Affair, Mark de Clive-Lowe, a Tribe Called Quest, Darkhouse Family, and Stevie Wonder!   Here’s how… Continue reading

German Hip-hop from Dramadigs ft Flo Mega – “Wurst Kase Szenario” (Official Video)

Soulful Deutschiphop from Bremen, Germany crew Dramadigs whose pen-twirling and paper Space Invader-making skills are not to be tested.   Seriously considering starting an advice column called “Dramadigs.”  

J Dilla – “Human Nature Beat”

One of my favorite Dilla beats. So very simple, and so very good, despite the fact that this audio sounds like a ninth-generation radio rip or a recording on an extremely worn-out cassette.… Continue reading

Nottingham, England’s Jake Bugg Goes Bob Dylan Doppelganger on “Trouble Town” (Official Video) (Free MP3 Download)

And he’s only 18 years old.   Download this song for free by liking Jake Bugg’s Facebook page here.  

Tall Black Guy Productions – “Water No Enemy”

Tall Black Guy Productions flips Fela’s “Water No Get Enemy” into something way laidback.   Get more TBGP beats here.  

Metabeats & Don Leisure aka Darkhouse Fam Keep It Earnest (Video)

Cardiff, Wales bass-hop heads Che Ahmed (Metabeats) and Aly Jamal (Don Leisure) aka Darkhouse Fam crafted one of my favorite beats from last year. This cut of bleepy bass strut was so immediately… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Radio Show – Dig Deep – Beats, Bass & Electronic Soul – Saturdays 1am-3am PST – KBCS 91.3FM Bellevue-Seattle & – April 21, 2012 Tracklisting

Everything eclectic tonight.   Here’s how it made that melodious thunk. FIRST TRACK GOES IN HARD WITH DUSTY PSYCHE-SOUL-FUNK-ROCK’N’ROLL TO GET YOU DANCING FROM THE GET-GO 0:01 Fabulous Souls – “Take Me” 0:04… Continue reading

Berlin-Based Brit Adam Bainbridge Fronts this Band Kindness and Their Song “House” Sounds Like an Old Skool Rave Track that Everyone Was Just Too Tired to Make so They Went for an Indie Feel with a Chunky Drum Groove Instead Which Turned Out Pretty Great

  Click below to listen to “House” by Kindness.   Kindness’ debut album World, You Need A Change Of Mind is out now in the U.K. and released May 8 in the U.S.… Continue reading

Underworld Appointed Music Directors of the Opening Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Give Away Album “A Hundred Days Off” in Celebration (Free MP3 Download)

How cool is it that Underworld have just been appointed Music Directors of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony?   In celebration of a hundred days to go until the event, top gents… Continue reading

Chet Faker – “No Diggity” (Blackstreet Cover) (MP3)

One of the best covers I’ve heard in a very long time.     This late-night, haze-hop, crooner rework was my main inspiration in putting together the “Cover Me Radd” covers mix on… Continue reading

The Gooch Palms – “Cucaracha” (Official Video)

Sydney, Australia’s the Gooch Palms are currently supporting fellow Aussies (and members of Tame Impala) Pond on tour. Watch the duo’s DIY lo-fi ode to cockroaches below.   We need more music videos… Continue reading

Opossom – “Blue Meanies” (Free MP3 Download)

Grainy psychedelic soul from New Zealand’s Kody Nielson of the Mint Chicks and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.     Head over here for more Opossom. Sadly this link, while it will provide you with… Continue reading