The Dan Digs Show 026: New Bondax, BenZel, Ratatat, Breach & Midland, Audion – Dan in the DJ Mix


Show number 26!


As always, the latest in my favorite new leftfield beats and electronic soul, plus interviews with my favorite artists, for your listening pleasure every Sunday night on Dash 1 at


For this week’s show, it was high time we got deep into the mix again and spun two solid hours’ worth of brand new music, blending everything amazing and fresh in the world of leftfield beats and electronic soul!


No guests. Just 100% brand new music.


Had too many new tunes burning a hole in my pocket; they just had to be played!



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Here’s how we got waaaaay deep in the mix.


0:01 Henry Wu ft Simeon Jones – “Just Negotiate”
0:05 Speelburg – “You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)”
0:10 Electroom Accostap – “Earth Familly”
0:13 LTGL – “Abraham Blue” (Let’s Escape Remix)
0:15 Silicon – “God Emoji”
0:20 J Davey – “Strong Anticipation”
0:22 J-Louis – “Camarillo”
0:25 MisterWives – “Our Own House” (Demo Taped Remix)
0:31 D Tiberio – “Bus People”
0:34 Embrz ft Amy Rose – “Silent”
0:37 Wilkinson ft Thabo – “Hopelessly Coping” (Hanami Remix)
0:43 FSQ – “Break the Funk”
0:45 Parker Madicine – “Mazimuth” (Mosaic Beats Remix)
0:47 Tom Misch – “Let the Beat Speak”
0:49 Jaden Smith – “Offering” (Samples Tom Misch’s “Let the Beat Speak”)
0:51 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Riverman”
0:57 Darius ft Wayne Snow – “Helios” (Bondax Remix)
1:02 BenZel ft Tory Lanez – “Stuck on You”
1:05 Maribou State – “Raincoats”
1:09 Machinedrum – “Gunshotta” (Om Unit Rollers VIP – Record Store Day 12″ Exclusive)
1:12 Parkgolf – “Glass City Billiards” (HVNS Remix)
1:16 Ratatat – “Cream on Chrome”
1:18 Two Eights – “Manifest Destiny”
1:22 Feki – “Remember”
1:26 High Wolf – “Wild at Heart”
1:31 AV AV AV aka ELOQ, UNKWON and DJ E.D.D.E.H – “All Good”
1:37 Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall” (Jasper Staal Remix)
1:39 !!! – “All U Writers”
1:42 Phony PPL – “End of the Night” (Louis Futon Remix)
1:43 Alex Niggemann – “Sorrow”
1:44 Breach & Midland – “Somewhere”
1:48 Leftfield – “Universal Everything” (Audion’s Deep Field Mix)
1:51 Howling – “Stole the Night” (Âme Remix)
1:56 Skepta – “Shutdown” (Preditah Remix)
1:59 Jimmy Napes – “Making of Me” (MJ Cole Dub)







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