Diggin’ This: MJ Cole – “Bouldaz”


That bit-crushed bass!


MJ Cole

MJ Cole



Massively diggin’ this brand new one from the UK garage legend that is MJ Cole! Pleased to see that his sound continues to evolve.


The low-end is straight out of Dillinja’s playbook. That chipped 30Hz onslaught reminds me a lot of the bassline in Dillinja’s track “Lovechild”—listen to that cut of bass insanity here. (Skip the first 2min and get straight to business!)


“Bouldaz” is a crowd-pleasing banger in the same vein of another Track of the Day of mine: Fono’s “Real Joy” (listen to this brilliance here).



MJ Cole – “Bouldaz”






“Bouldaz” is out June 20 via Disclosure’s new label Method White. Pre-order it here.






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