Diggin’ This: Kendrick Lamar – “Institutionalized” (Kindness Flip)


The thing I like most about Kendrick Lamar‘s new album is that it makes music feel like art again.


Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar



While the world is still collectively absorbing To Pimp a Butterfly, and rightly so, it’s clear that just by listening to the first few tracks that there is a weight here; an overflow of historical, political, and musical context and gravitas that naturally takes time to fully appreciate. This is already a landmark album, not only for Kendrick’s career, not only for hip-hop, but for music in general.



Daft Punk’s last album sounded expensive.

Kanye West’s last album sounded angry.

Kendrick Lamar’s newly-released album sounds soulful, not in the standard Motown definition, although plenty of Motown samples feature, but in that this oeuvre is full of depth, as deep as the dimensions of a soul.



That said, for all that talk about depth, I’m always hyped to find a good flip, remix, cover, or interpolation of a track, no matter how quickly cooked up, and “Institutionalized” is no exception.



Check out Kindness’ expert flip below.



Kendrick Lamar – “Institutionalized” (Kindness Flip)





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