Diggin’ This: Bass Sekolah – “Lighthouse” (Boogie Mann Remix) (Free Download) (DanDigs.com Exclusive Premiere)


Deep in the Malaysian jungle, producer Cee and multi instrumentalist-crooner Darren Ashley make organic, vine-riped, and above all, soulful electronic music as Bass Sekolah, which translates as Bass School.





And that’s not just a fanciful description; the sounds of the Berembun forest reserve in Malaysia, where the group’s studio is located, are caught on tape for every song they produce!


Check out the inspiring, drone-filmed video below for their latest song “Lighthouse” and tell me you don’t want to book tickets straightaway to the Malaysian jungle.


Bass Sekolah – “Lighthouse” (Original Version) (Official Video)



“Lighthouse” comes with a slew of remixes. Phon.o, Daedelus, and Perera Elsewhere have all turned in superb reworkings.



Best of all, the good people at Bern, Switzerland label Mouthwatering Records are premiering Tokyo footwork producer Boogie Mann‘s remix of “Lighthouse” (my favorite of the lot) as a free download exclusively here at DanDigs.com!



Click below to play and download Boogie Mann’s remix for free.



Bass Sekolah – “Lighthouse” (Boogie Mann Remix) (Free Download)






Find out more about Bass Sekolah’s music over at their Facebook page here.






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