Diggs Duke – “Harsh Words with the Oracle”

One of my favorite soul and jazz musicians, Washington D.C.’s Diggs Duke returns with a brand new album.

“Harsh Words with the Oracle” is the first track on his Offering for Anxious LP.

Diggs himself takes care of all of the vocals, bass guitar, piano, flute, alto clarinet, shekere, and synth and drum programming.

Eclectic and freeform, the song weaves together frantic congo and djembe percussion loops, soulful vocal melodies, and piano pulses, while the shining, breathless alto saxophone of M. Jelani Brooks ripples and flaps like a brightly colored streamer in a strong breeze.



Diggs Duke – “Harsh Words with the Oracle”





The album Offering for Anxious is scheduled to drop on December 1 via the ever reliable Brownswood Recordings.



Download it here.