Botany – “Quatic” (Free Download)

Spencer Stephenson is Botany.

Hailing from Texas, he blends synth washes with a collage of blurred bleeps, overcooked chimes, and ominous bells, all woven through a pleasing boom-bap beat.

“I tried to evoke those grand, colorful, surreal landscapes that are mind-bending yet oddly comforting, sci-fi and epic and holy, all at the same time” Botany says.

“Quatic” and his latest album, Lava Diviner (Truestory), were put together at locations all over Texas using a mish-mash of musical tools, from aging desktop computers to samplers, guitars to bells, flutes to tape recorders, turntables to violin-playing roommates. Brainfeeder artist Ryat’s vocals also make an appearance, and the final version of the record was mastered by Leaving Records and Stones Throw’s very own Matthewdavid.



Botany – “Quatic” (Free Download)




Download “Quatic” for free by clicking here.



You can stream all of Botany‘s Lava Diviner (Truestory) album via Dazed Digital here.