Audego – “Fight” (Free Download)

In preparation for my podcast, I usually shuffle a load of potential song candidates on my car stereo to see which ingredients are truly fit for the gourmet audio soup that is the Dan Digs Radio Show.

As I sat, windows down, sunned and surprised by the 91 degree L.A. November sun at the junction of Lincoln and Venice, “Fight” by Audego began to waft out of the speakers.

That piano plink-plonk. That slowed, malfunctioning vocal reel sample at the bottom of the ocean. That cool and confident hip-hop beat strut. Those synth parps. That airy yet simmering lead vocal.

Upon introduction of each part, I instantly loved them all.

Into the soup it goes!


Audego – “Fight” (Free Download)




Download “Fight” from the Australian duo, otherwise known as Paso Bionic and Big Fella, for free here.