DJ Koze – “Magical Boy” (Matthew Herbert Remix)

Matthew Herbert is the Dr. Seuss of beats.

Far be it from him to wearily patch in an overused drum sample, percussion for Herbert means recording the clanging of a wrench on the pipes underneath the kitchen sink or using the sounds of printing an edition of the Guardian newspaper to inspire an entire live show.

He is also the author of one of my favorite tunes of all time. The sudden, precise landing of that golden piano chord at 1min 51sec is magic.



I’m not exactly sure what mysterious implements were used in the crafting of this brand new remix from Herbert, but I’m guessing that dry squelch on the second beat of the bar is the sound of a rusty scythe gently impaling a papier-mâché scale model of a Toyota Camry filled with broken umbrellas.



DJ Koze – “Magical Boy” (Matthew Herbert Remix)




Herbert‘s remix of DJ Koze‘s “Magical Boy” is released via Berlin’s Pampa Records on December 2.