Aloa Input – “Going Home” & “Someday Morning”

Every so often you come across a band like Aloa Input that is so astoundingly good (and, as of now, so astoundingly underheard) that you just can’t help yourself but listen to their debut again and again and again and happily await their imminent ascendancy. They are, as of now, my new favorite band.

Hailing from “New Weird Bavaria,” the German group’s first LP, Anysome, combines the psychedelia of Tame Impala, the harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and the African highlife guitar riffage of Vampire Weekend with some mesmerizingly perfect bass guitar tones and warm analogue electronics.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite song, but I’m going with the final track of the album, “Going Home” for that opening guitar line, that shaker, and that ride cymbal, journeying us homeward with stops for spontaneous drum machine messabouts along the way.


Aloa Input – “Going Home”



“Someday Morning” is another near-the-end-of-the-album gem, particularly for its video depiction of what is quite possibly the world’s first carer for sleepwalkers. Can we all just agree that the German word for “sleepwalker,” Schlafwandler, is without question the greatest word ever?


Aloa Input – “Someday Morning”




Anysome is out now.



Listen to the album in full at the Morr Music site here.