Diggin’ This: Braille ft Angelica Bess – “Better Than Nothing”


Ever since first hearing his music as Sepalcure (made in partnership with none other than Machinedrum), I’ve always admired Praveen Sharma aka Braille‘s wholly talented knack for creating rhythmically enticing, structurally clever, bass-driven beats.





“Better Than Nothing” is a sparse yet heavy-on-the-low-end future R&B jam with subtle swinging and shuffling drums throughout. What’s even more awesome is that the track has Body Language’s Angelica Bess (who I recently spoke with live on the radio show) on vocal duties.



Braille ft Angelica Bess – “Better Than Nothing”




Braille‘s brand new album, Mute Swan, is out May 5 via Friends of Friends.




Look out for Jesse Boykins III, Throwing Snow, Olivia Sholler, and Seafloor all as featured guests.




Here’s the full tracklist. Get the album here.


1. Weight
2. The Cat’s Gone Nuts (feat. Seafloor)
3. Better Than Nothing (feat. Angelica Bess)
4. Insider Out
5. Ports (feat. Angelica Bess)
6. Ended Up In NY
7. It’s All Right (feat. Angelica Bess)
8. I Assume (feat. Jesse Boykins III & Throwing Snow)
9. Stop Drop & Roll
10. Everyone’s Crazy
11. Shhhh
12. An Oceanic Escape (feat. Olivia Sholler)
13. Gee Whiz