Diggin’ This: Pell ft LV Baby – “The Never” (Official Video)


Pell is poised to blow up this year.


Already tipped on Complex’s Top 25 Rappers To Know in 2014, Pigeons & Planes’ Top 10 Rappers to Know Before They Blow, and Spotify’s Predicted Music Stars of 2015, the New Orleans musician mystically melds woozy indie instrumentation from the clouds with rap bars from the streets.





Tune in to the #DanDigsShow on Dash 1 at Dash Radio on Sunday March 8 at 7pm PT where he’ll be my guest in studio playing his all-time favorite tracks in the #SixSongScenario.


Still humming this hook from “The Never.” Check out the video below.


Pell ft LV Baby – “The Never” (Official Video)





“The Never” is taken from Pell‘s album, Floating While Dreaming. Grab it here.





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