Diggin’ This: Resavoir – “Plantasy” (International Anthem) (Official Video)


The secret life of plants.


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Not solely content with his immensely delicate folk-informed brass output as part of DanDigs.com faves Whitney (listen to their early demo “No Matter Where We Go” here), Will Miller also fronts the Chicago lo-fi jazz ensemble Resavoir, a group that is brimming with talent and overflowing with melodic skill.



Citing Charles Stepney and David Axelrod as his prime inspirations while also trumpeting the genius of Thundercat and Yesterday’s New Quintet, the producer/arranger references all of these aforementioned artists on “Plantasy” as he layers and builds strings, pianos, double bass, brass, flutes, and drums into a free-flowing, thoughtful, and ultimately hopeful moment-as-a-movement.



The accompanying music video, produced by Weird Life Films, is both a love letter to Chicago and an encouragement to make life changes for the better. I’m adding this to my list of favorite music videos that feature a non-human protagonist (see also “Da Funk” by Daft Punk and “Coffee & TV” by Blur) that are also weirdly emotional.



Here’s to putting the feels back into lo-fi jazz.



Track of the day.



Resavoir – “Plantasy” (Official Video)



(And one more time for my fellow Bandcampers…)









Resavoir’s album, Resavoir, is out now via International Anthem. Get it here and check out my interview with International Anthem’s Jeff Parker (he of Tortoise and many other excellent musical projects) live on the #DanDigsShow here.