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Diggin’ This: Nana Adjoa – “Throw Stones” (Ranie Ribeiro Remix)

  A blissful rework from Rotterdam’s Ranie Ribeiro of Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa‘s track from her latest album, Big Dreaming Ants.           Love those harp ripples.     Nana… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Cameo Blush – “Lucky” (Scarlet Tiger Records)

  London’s John Dunk aka Cameo Blush has crafted a future rave bleeper that nods to happy hardcore while always, always, always ascending.       Cameo Blush – “Lucky”      … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sampology – “Memories In Flight” (Middle Name Records) (Official Video)

  Feeling uplifted by the harps and hand-claps on the orchestral house shuffle “Memories In Flight,” the latest track from the Brisbane-based producer, DJ, and Worldwide FM host.       Check out… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: First Beige – “BBL”

  Fully here for the “cyber house jungle jazz doof.”       This free-spirited nu-jazz house groove from Brisbane, Australia six-piece First Beige is marvelous.     First Beige – “BBL”  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – “Vibrate” (Locket Records) (Official Video)

  We let it vibrate.       Barney Artist has linked up with Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman for “Vibrate,” a mellow and horn-drenched jazzy UK hip-hop cut.     Watch the… Continue reading

Listen back to Loops + Dots Episode 30 – New Music from Royce Wood Jr, Hiatus Kaiyote, Flying Lotus, Tirzah, Matt Martians, Little Simz, Brainstory, Scrimshire, Photay, The Breathing Effect, Brijean, Buscabulla, WheelUP

  Show number 30!         LOOPS + DOTS is my monthly two-hour radio show on Dublab in Los Angeles.      It’s everything I’m into right now in the worlds of… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Little Simz ft Cleo Soul – “Woman” (Age 101 Records)

  Little Simz. Cleo Sol. Inflo.       You already knew it was golden before you even pressed play.     Little Simz ft Cleo Soul – “Woman”        … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Coco O. – “Gwen”

  Coco Owino makes stark and thoughtful songs infused with deep, deep feeling.         (Some of which are sampled by Drake.)       “Gwen” is my favorite song from… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Wayne Snow – “Seventy” (Roche Musique)

  Slo-mo future soul from Berlin-via-Nigeria’s Wayne Snow.       Wayne Snow – “Seventy”           “Seventy” is out now via Roche Musique.           Hear… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Mocky – “Bora!”

  “Bora!” is an intentionally loose and spacious orchestral jam that brims with vivacity and groove and a palpable sense of the joy that comes with making music.     And just look… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Boy-Ish – “Time Again”

  Time and time and time again.       Victoria, B.C.’s Mark Berg aka Boy-Ish crafts woozy beat-driven bedroom pop.     “Time Again” is a delayed and detached song about love… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Knomad Spock – “Gift” (Hinterland Creative)

  “Gift” is a gift.       My favorite song from the Cardiff-based British-Somali poet, rapper, and new folk singer-songwriter‘s new album is a hushed and poignant soundtrack to the start of… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jessie Ware – “Please” (PMR Records)

  My goodness, this just automatically became my favorite Jessie Ware song.       “Please” is utterly fantastic and euphoric modern disco-pop.     Definitely going to be needing a 12min edit… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jonny Kosmo – “Fool”

  The Los Angeles artist known as Jonny Kosmo makes pop strange by making “pop-strange.”       “Fool” is a relaxed funk stroll.     Jonny Kosmo – “Fool”      … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Bahla – “Life Long”

  I’m floored.   This is beautiful.       Featuring thoughtful pianos, tide pools of delayed acoustic guitar notes, and the rich vocals of Portuguese singer Inês Loubet, “Life Long” is an… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Flying Lotus ft Niki Randa – “Between Memories”

  It’s always a good day when Flying Lotus drops two new songs.       With the vocals of Niki Randa, who previously featured on “Getting There” from Flying Lotus’ 2012 album Until… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Wu-Lu – “Times” ft Morgan Simpson of Black Midi (Ra-Ra Rok Records) (Official Video)

  Feedback, distortion, and a drum kit being beaten senseless by Morgan Simpson of Black Midi.       Wu-Lu’s latest is a guitar-led punk thrash that lands like a pristinely executed ollie. … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Fred again.. – “Big Hen (Steal My Joy)”

  Can’t nobody steal my joy, can’t nobody steal my joy, joy.       Huge fan of this 5am (and it was actually recorded at 5am) falsetto garage from London producer Fred Gibson… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Stray Fossa – “Hypocritic” (Nice Guys Records)

  Charlottesville, Virginia’s Stray Fossa make music in their attic.       “Hypocritic” takes its cues from the Dandy Warhols plus a smidge of R.E.M. multiplied by rainy Manchester indie.      Stray Fossa… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: CV Vision – “1+2=3” (South of North Records)

  On “1+2=3,” Berlin musician CV Vision teams up with drummer Spike Rogers to cast a vision of relaxed beachy bedroom psychedelia.       Love those ride-heavy drums.     CV Vision –… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Lionel Boy – “Flower Girl” (Innovative Leisure)

  The latest single from the Long Beach-via-Oahu singer-songwriter is a laid-back alt-pop breeze with warped guitar washes and fuzzed-out dub effects.       Lionel Boy – “Flower Girl”      … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tirzah – “Send Me” (Domino)

  Tirzah is back!       Teaming up with Mica Levi and Coby Sey for her brand new single, the London artist’s “Send Me” is a slow and stripped-down guitar-led sonic hypnotism that… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Royce Wood Junior – “Slush” (Fresh Selects)

  Plush and slushy digital funk from London’s Royce Wood Jr that features vocals from none other than Jamie Woon among some delightfully squelchy synths and a Ginuwinely genius bass line.      … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Matt Martians – “Can’t Believe It”

  A loose, casual groove from The Internet co-founder and keyboardist.         Matt Martians – “Can’t Believe It”         “Can’t Believe It” is the first track on Going… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Orions Belte – “Dearest”

  Adding this to my “favorite songs that start with a vibraphone” playlist.       Orions Belte is a trio from Norway that make “instrumental music with vocals.”     As their… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The Avalanches – “Since I Left You” (Prince Paul Remix) (XL Recordings)

  “Get a drink, have a good time now, welcome to paradise…”       What’s this?     A re-bump of one of my favorite songs ever from the mighty Prince Paul?… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Crumb – “BNR”

  Spacey, psychedelic indie ruminations from Brooklyn.       Love the texture of those drums.     Crumb – “BNR”         “BNR” is out today.         Get… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Close Counters ft Allysha Joy – “Speak In Truth”

  No close talkers here.       Melbourne-via-Hobart’s Close Counters teamed up with 30/70’s Allysha Joy to craft this soulful bruk-bounce.     Close Counters ft Allysha Joy – “Speak In Truth”… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: emawk – “YET”

  Vocals   and   clean guitar   and    nothing else   is   where it’s at.       It’s all about that surge of harmonies at 2min 41sec.    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tune-Yards – “Sometime” (4AD)

  You gotta go easy on yourself sometimes.       Very into the kaleidoscopic saunter of the freeform, joyous experimentalism of “Sometime” by Oakland’s Tune-Yards, the musical project of Merrill Garbus with collaborator… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: L’Rain – “Two Face” (Mexican Summer)

  The energy wave we need right now.       “Two Face” is an immediately enticing blend of anything-goes experimental jazz from Brooklyn’s Taja Cheek, otherwise known as L’Rain.     Love… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The Vernon Spring – “SK-1” (Lima Limo Records)

  Peaceful yet intriguing.       “SK-1” is a beautiful piece of solo piano set to a gently looping piano key in the background.   It’s by Sam Beste aka The Vernon… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: L’Impératrice – “Souffle Au Coeur” (Microqlima Records)

  À bout de souffle.       It’s hard to pick a favorite from L’Impératrice‘s new album, but I’m especially drawn to this instrumental “heart murmur” from the Parisian six-piece.   “Souffle… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The Steoples – “Alas Alice” (Stones Thow Records)

  Avant-soul.       Very into the future R&B of “Alas Alice” from The Steoples, otherwise known as LA’s Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker (aka Gifted & Blessed, Frankie Reyes) and the UK’s Yeofi Andoh.  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jungle – “Keep Moving” (Caiola Records) (Official Video)

  Jungle are back!       Seemingly swapping their “House in LA” for “a new house… in the UK…,” the British duo return with “Keep Moving,” an uplifting disco-tinged groove.    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: FC Kahuna – “Hayling” (Special Request Mix) (!K7 Records)

  Special Request, the bass-heavy junglist raver guise of Paul Woolford, takes arguably the most famous chillout compilation vocal in existence and threads it through a gritty drum ‘n’ bass beat.    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Soul Clap ft Harriet Brown “You Can Shine Too”

  Feeling this sunny and necessary garage cut from Soul Clap and Harriet Brown as summer draws ever nearer.       Soul Clap ft Harriet Brown “You Can Shine Too”    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Mdou Moctar – “Tala Tannam” (Matador Records) (Official Video)

  Gentle and stirring Tuareg guitar music from Agadez, Niger’s Mdou Moctar.       That wonderfully lilting melodic chorus will lift you.     Mdou Moctar – “Tala Tannam” (Official Video)  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Lightning Bug – “The Right Thing Is Hard To Do” (Marbled Arm Records)

  Beautiful.       This new song from the New York band Lightning Bug stuns in its shoegazy simplicity, delicacy, and humanity.     Lightning Bug – “The Right Thing Is Hard… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Seven Davis Jr – “We Should Go Out” (Secret Angels Records) (Official Video)

  Houseful soul.       Love this newly surfaced one from Seven Davis Jr.     Seven Davis Jr – “We Should Go Out” (Official Video)           “We… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: King Gnu – 泡 (Official Video)

  気持ちの海       King Gnu are a four-piece from Japan fronted by Daiki Tsuneta, who also performs as part of Millennium Parade.     泡 (“abuku” or “foam” in English) is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Hiatus Kaiyote ft Arthur Verocai – “Get Sun” (Brainfeeder)

  Stop everything!       Is this real life?   A dream collaboration is here from the Melbourne musical luminaries and the Brazilian musical legend, arriving just a day after Hiatus Kaiyote announced… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kaidi Tatham – “Try N Follow” (First Word Records)

  Stormy weather freeform future jazz fusion rhythms of the highest order courtesy of Belfast’s Kaidi Tatham.       Kaidi Tatham – “Try N Follow”           “Try N… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jordan Rakei – “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” (Jeff Buckley Cover) (Late Night Tales)

  To be fair, I really would not mind if Jordan Rakei decided to cover every single song on Grace.       Vulnerable and effortless.     Jordan Rakei – “Lover, You… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Grave Flowers Bongo Band – “Down Man” (Official Video) (Castle Face Records)

  Produced by Ty Segall, this new song by Gabe Flores’ Grave Flowers Bongo Band is a gloriously blurred and fuzzy psychedelic cover of “Down Man” by the Dutch 70s rock band Brainbox.    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tuzeint – “Time Will Meet Everything” (Bludot Recordings)

  “Time Will Meet Everything” by Mexico City’s Tuzeint is an airy and spacious groove that sounds like Jordan Rakei jamming with Rhye.       Love those horns.     Tuzeint –… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: JAB – “Currents”

  Feelin’ the 4heroic strings, vibraphone runs, and beat textures on this percussive wonder from JAB.       JAB – “Currents”           “Currents” is taken from JAB’s new… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Mndsgn. – “Hope You’re Doin’ Better”

  My heart is warmed by this heartwarming new song from LA’s Mndsgn.       I’m getting Thundercat plus Mac DeMarco plus tape-delayed Money Mark Push the Button vibes, which is no… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jordana ft Ryan Woods – “Doubt of Revival”

  I’ve written about New York-via-Kansas artist Jordana before and her astoundingly good song “Reason,” which landed at number 36 in my Top 100 Tracks of 2020.       2021 sees her… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: JIM (Ron Basejam, Crazy P) – “Phoenix” (The Cult Cover) (NuNorthern Soul Records)

  Nottingham, UK’s JIM aka Jim Baron aka Ron Basejam aka one of the founding members of Crazy P turns in a frankly fantastic folk reimagining of The Cult’s “Phoenix” with backing vocals… Continue reading