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Diggin’ This: Myele Manzanza ft Omar – “Therapy” (DeepMatter)

  Into this irresistible bouncing bass.       “Therapy” is a feel-good and freeing dancefloor spinner from Wellington, New Zealand artist and producer Myele Manzanza and Omar, one of the UK’s most… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Men I Trust – “Billie Toppy”

  A new musical direction for the Montreal trio.       “Billie Toppy” sees Men I Trust trading their singular style of downtempo jazz-inspired indie for taut uptempo post-punk.      Love… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kennebec ft Samuel T. Herring – “Leaving The Canyons” (Night Time Stories)

  A pastoral, flute-imbued track that features the Future Islands frontman.       “Leaving the Canyons” is the latest single from the Portland, Oregon producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Phillips aka Kennebec.… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Skinshape – “High Tide, Storm Rising” (Lewis Recordings)

  Orchestral warmth that swells and sways.       Love this latest brass-soaked sunbeam from Skinshape aka Will Dorey who hails from Swanage, England.     Skinshape – “High Tide, Storm Rising”… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Cy Gorman – “Hiwave” (Heard and Felt)

  It’s all about that sax and those synth swerves.       New track “Hiwave” from Melbourne, Australia’s Cy Gorman is a lazy river of experimental jazz and spacious R&B slumbers.  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Elkka – “I Just Want To Love You” (Ninja Tune)

  Elkka’s latest track features a John Martyn sample.       “I Just Want To Love You,” the London artist, producer, and DJ’s first solo release of 2022, lifts the John Martyn song… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Thunder Jackson ft Chet Faker – “Take Me Back” (VERO Music)

  Piedmont, Oklahoma meets Melbourne, Australia.       What a collaboration.     “Take Me Back,” the latest song by Thunder Jackson aka Piedmont, Oklahoma musician Kyle Bradley and Melbourne, Australia’s Chet… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Blue Lupin – “Soak” (Official Video) (Quiet Crown/3tone)

  This blurry dream-pop composition is one of the strongest debuts of 2022.       Her very first release, London artist Joanna Wolfe aka Blue Lupin‘s “Soak” is a collaborative effort with… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Makaya McCraven – “The Fours” (Official Video) (International Anthem/Nonesuch Records/XL Recordings)

  It’s all about those harp strings for me.       Looking forward to this new album from the Paris-born, Chicago-based percussionist, producer, and musician Makaya McCraven.     “The Fours” is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Rozi Plain – “Agreeing For Two” (Official Video) (Memphis Industries)

  Featuring vocals from Kate Stables of This is the Kit and saxophone from Alabaster de Plume.       “Agreeing For Two” is a jazz-flecked gentle indie gallop from Bristol, UK’s Rozi… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jonah Yano – “Always” (Produced by BadBadNotGood) (Innovative Leisure)

  The Montreal-via-Hiroshima singer returns.       Love this emotion-rich new single from the Japanese-Canadian artist Jonah Yano, produced and backed by Toronto jazz luminaries BadBadNotGood.     (And how good is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Beth Orton – “Fractals” (Partisan Records)

  A beautiful new song that pairs Beth’s ruminative folk vocals with an unexpectedly vivacious percussive jazz bounce.       As someone who has loved the music of Beth Orton ever since… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Dorian Concept – “Let It All Go” (Brainfeeder)

  A bleepy and soulful excursion from the Austrian musician and synthesizer wizard.       “Let It All Go” is the first single to be taken from Oliver Johnson’s new album, What… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Arima Ederra – “Portals” (Guitar by Jon Bap)

  Heartfelt and honest.       I first got into the sounds of Los Angeles artist Arima Ederra when I heard her track “Questions” almost a decade ago.     Ten years… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Arjuna Oakes & Serebii – “Tired Faces” (Innovative Leisure)

  Cloudy electronic soul from the land of the long white cloud.       “Tired Faces,” the latest cut from Aotearoa’s Arjuna Oakes and Serebii (also known as Callum Mower) is an… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Svaneborg Kardyb – “Op” (Official Video) (Gondwana Records)

  Nordic jazz served chilled.       I remember really enjoying “Haven” by Svaneborg Kardyb, the Danish duo of Nikolaj Svaneborg who plays the keys on the Wurlitzer, Juno, and piano alongside… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: 9m88 – “Tell Me” (Produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats)

   A song sung in English and Mandarin from the New York-via-Taipei artist.        Produced by Japanese beatmaker DJ Mitsu the Beats, “Tell Me” by 9m88, also known as Joanne Tang… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Brian Brown – “Early Bird”

  Some of the mellowest hip-hop I’ve heard in a minute.       “Early Bird” by Nashville’s Brian Brown is one for the dawn risers, a fluid and dreamy beat that perfectly… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Nosaj Thing ft Julianna Barwick – “Blue Hour” (Official Video) (LuckyMe)

  Jason Chung‘s surprise new single.       Featuring vocals from Julianna Barwick and echoes of the beat from Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” the Los Angeles producer’s latest track is stark, nocturnal, and… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jye – “Don’t Wanna See You Down”

  An upbeat indie-pop breeze.       Containing shades of Toro Y Moi’s insouciant grooves, “Don’t Wanna See You Down” by Melbourne, Australia’s Jye is casual and caring.     Jye –… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Unfold” (Fat Possum Records) (Official Video)

  Any day with new Melody’s Echo Chamber is a good day.       Unfold is the lost follow-up project to French musician Melody Prochet‘s self-titled debut album, Melody’s Echo Chamber, released… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: EFÉ – “Before Sunset”

  Beatless bliss from the Dublin, Ireland bedroom pop artist.       “Before Sunset” is a simple and shimmering new song from Anita Ikharo aka EFÉ.     It instantly puts you… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Charles Stepney: Out of the Shadows by International Anthem (Documentary)

  A recommended gem of a music documentary.       If you love “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun,” one of the greatest songs in existence, then you already love Charles… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Little Dragon – “Frisco” (Ninja Tune)

  Into “Frisco,” a spare yet dreamy new electronic bop from Little Dragon, although I have it on good authority that locals would prefer that you just call it “The City” or “SF.”… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kutiman ft Dekel – “Believe In You” (Siyal Music)

  I’m getting some worry-free New Zealand soulful dub vibes from this that recall the lilting beats of Fat Freddy’s Drop and the choral haze of Lord Echo.       “Believe In… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Warpaint – “Champion” (HAAi Remix)

  A deep, hypnotic rework.       Australian DJ and producer HAAi turns one of the best tracks from Warpaint‘s latest album, Radiate Like This, into a moody and relentless 2am thumper.… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Daniel Allan ft slenderbodies – “Chasing Paradise” (Official Performance Video) (Too Future)

  Heavy shades of Jai Paul and JMSN.       Los Angeles artist Daniel Allan has teamed up with indie-pop duo slenderbodies to create “Chasing Paradise,” a future R&B cut with a… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: SBTRKT – “Miss the Days”

  The latest track from SBTRKT sees Aaron Jerome going full 90s jungle.       “Miss the Days” is a glassy Amen break rinseout taken from his forthcoming Ruff + Ready series.… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Katie Tupper – “Honey”

  A new single from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s Katie Tupper.       “Honey” is a cool and confident R&B slow burn.     Katie Tupper – “Honey”           “Honey” is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: S. Raekwon – “Talk” (Father/Daughter Records)

  A loose and buoyant piano-led jam from NYC-via-Buffalo, NY musician S. Raekwon.       Love that flood of distortion at 1min 36sec.     S. Raekwon – “Talk”      … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Park Motive – “Incident” (Spinny Nights) (Official Video)

  Gently melancholic two-step indie-bruk from Bristol, UK.       Sam Herschmann is Park Motive.     His latest track, “Incident,” features an unstoppable drum groove and synth bass tones that skip… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Biig Piig – “Fun”

  A bittersweet indie-jungle racer.        “Fun” is the latest single from London-via-Ireland artist and producer Biig Piig.     Biig Piig – “Fun”           “Fun” is out… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Carlos Niño & Friends ft Shabazz Palaces, Jamael Dean, Sharada – “Dreamsishappening” (International Anthem)

  First appearing as an instrumental on Carlos Niño‘s 2020 Bandcamp-only release Actual Presence.       “Dreamsishappening” is an expansive and otherworldly poetic constellation of orbiting percussion, choral hums, and cosmic rhyme… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Young Fathers – “Geronimo” (Ninja Tune)

  “I’m on the verge of something divine that’s gonna keep me alive.”       Edinburgh’s Young Fathers return with their first single in four years that starts off sounding like a… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tendai – “Pressure” (Official Video) (0207 Def Jam)

  Next-level R&B from Canning Town.       Love the emotion-laden vocals and glossed beat bounce on “Pressure,” the fourth single from 22-year-old London artist Tendai.     Tendai – “Pressure” (Official… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Silvan Strauss – “Teeth” (Live Session) (Kabul Fire Records)

  BadBadNotGood meets Tony Allen.       “Teeth,” from Hamburg, Germany drummer and musician Silvan Strauss is a dub-infused, Afrobeat-inspired jazz wander.     Check out the video below that captures the… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Andrew Goldring – “Sunshowers”

  Psychedelic Americana laced with golden guitar tones and a honeyed chorus that sounds like 1960s London multiplied by 2020s Nashville.       Love this latest single from Nashville-via-Utah artist and producer… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: DOMi & JD BECK – “WHATUP” (Blue Note Records)

  Your summer 2022 poolside playlist belongs to DOMi & JD BECK.       Metz, France keyboardist and Berklee College of Music alum Domitille Degalle aka DOMi louna met Texas drummer JD… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kibrom Birhane – “Mender”

  Enticing and mystery-laden Ethio-jazz from Los Angeles.       “Mender,” according to Kibrom Birhane, is a “homage to family and community.”     Kibrom Birhane – “Mender”        … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: boerd ft Venus Anon – “Tomorrow” (Blunda Records)

  A song about saying weird stuff in your sleep.       Sweden’s Bård Ericson aka boerd has teamed up with fellow Swedish musician Venus Anon for his new single. They met… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Chinese American Bear – “星星 (Stars)”

  Melody’s Echo Chamber meets Dusty Springfield.       “星星 (Stars)” from Brooklyn duo Chinese American Bear is an ethereal and experimental indie-pop journey that draws from the best musical elements of… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Fug – “From Little Seeds We Grow” (4hero Folk Soul Remix) (RE:WARM)

  So thankful for new 4hero.        UK outfit Fug‘s downtempo organic electronica track “From Little Seeds We Grow” gets the 4hero remix treatment with those trademark lush strings and flourishing… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Flying Lotus & Devin Tracy – “The Room” (Warp Records)

  A soulful R&B cut in 6/8.       Love that rippling bass guitar.     Love those impassioned vocals from Devin.     Flying Lotus & Devin Tracy – “The Room”… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Stereolab – “Robot Riot” (Duophonic UHF Disks/Warp Records)

  A previously unreleased track from one of my very, very, very favorite bands.       With its supple guitar chords, synth whirrings, French lyrics, and driving drums, “Robot Riot” encapsulates the… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Whitney – “REAL LOVE” (Secretly Canadian)

  Real, real love for that soaring vocal.       Featuring crunchy drums and dazzling organ keys, “REAL LOVE” is the brand new single from Julien Ehlrich and Max Kakacek, better known… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Greentea Peng – “Stuck In the Middle” (Produced by MJ Cole & Swindle) (AMF Records) (Official Video)

  Can’t believe we get three of my favorite music makers on one track.       I’ve been a fan of London’s Greentea Peng ever since she released the trippy, hallucinogenic future… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: George Riley & Vegyn – “Sacrifice” (PLZ Make It Ruins)

  West London’s George Riley‘s latest track is produced by the Frank Ocean and Duval Timothy collaborator Vegyn.       “Sacrifice” is a mellow yet pensive UK R&B cut.     Love those… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Moor Mother ft Melanie Charles – “Woody Shaw” (ANTI- Records)

  In honor of the legendary jazz trumpeter.       Philadelphia poet, rapper, and experimental musician Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother has teamed up with Swedish producer Olof Melander to create an… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Ego Ella May – “The Morning Side Of Love” (Chico Hamilton Cover) (Blue Note Records)

  A South London Blue Note bop.       After thoroughly enjoying the first installment of Blue Note covers as reimagined by the best of the UK soul and jazz scene on… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sessa – “Pele da Esfera” (Mexican Summer)

  Swaying and sensual, minimalist Brazilian folk from Sao Paulo’s Sessa.       As Sessa’s Bandcamp page puts it: Sergio Sayeg (aka Sessa) has always been entranced by what he calls “the… Continue reading