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Diggin’ This: Horsegirl – “Billy” (Matador Records)

  Guitar waves upon guitar waves.       After reading about Nick Drake’s guitar detunings and listening to a lot of underground 80s and 90s bands from New Zealand last year, Horsegirl… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sunjacket – “Machine”

  Bryan Kveton, Carl Hauck, Garret Bodette are Sunjacket, an alt-indie electronic trio from Chicago.       “Machine” is my favorite song from their new album. It’s an energetic, uptempo drum ‘n’… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Eleeza Silva – “DNTGETUSE2ME” (Ciudad Records)

  “DNTGETUSE2ME” is a vibey vintage organ-led R&B concoction from Chicago’s Eleeza Silva.       Eleeza Silva – “DNTGETUSE2ME”         “DNTGETUSE2ME” is out now via Ciudad Records. Get it here.… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Resavoir – “Plantasy” (International Anthem) (Official Video)

  The secret life of plants.       Not solely content with his immensely delicate folk-informed brass output as part of DanDigs.com faves Whitney (listen to their early demo “No Matter Where… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sault – “Don’t Waste My Time” (Forever Living Originals)

  No time-wasters please.       Instantly infectious and incessantly grooving, listening to “Don’t Waste My Time” is time well spent.   The song is the second single from Sault, a trio… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Saba – “Symmetry”

  Both lyrical and vocal skills are on full display here on “Symmetry,” the latest track from Chicago musician and Chance the Rapper collaborator Saba.       Track of the day.  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jeff Parker (Tortoise) – “Executive Life”

  Warm Wednesday afternoon early July jazz.       Jeff Parker, perhaps best known for his work with his band Tortoise, is an expert Chicago jazz experimentalist. His latest project, The New Breed, is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The`ve – “Visions” (Official Video)

  Chicago’s The`ve is music producer, songwriter, and engineer “Dug” and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist “Sam Trump.”       T`ogether they m`ake f`uturist s`oul and R`&B of the h`ighest, h`aziest order, and “V`isions” is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jesse Boykins III – “The Wonder Years” (Official Video)

  Despite being called “The Wonder Years,” this new future soul synth-simmerer from Chicago-born singer-songwriter-producer Jesse Boykins III contains approximately 0% guest raps from Fred Savage.       Big love for this one. Track of the day.  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Eryn Allen Kane – “Have Mercy” (Official Video & Dan Digs Remix)

  Chicago’s Eryn Allen Kane is probably best known for her powerful vocals on collaborations with Chance the Rapper‘s Social Experiment.       Her brand new solo single, “Have Mercy,” is an amazing, attention-grabbing layering… Continue reading

Chuck Inglish ft Sulaiman & DJ Izzo – “Keith Sweat” (Official Video)

  “Bengal tiger for my pet tho…”       Cool Kid Chuck Inglish rolls heavy over a whirring siren synth and a snare hit with so much reverb it sounds like it… Continue reading

Common ft Vince Staples – “Kingdom” (Produced by No I.D.)

  This epic, apocalyptic new fire from Common and Vince Staples over No I.D.’s soaring gospel samples and drums is making my Friday all kinds of perfect.       Does anyone know… Continue reading

Open Mike Eagle – “A History of Modern Dance” (Official Video)

  “First step is intention…”   Love this new track and Cosby Show-riffin’ video from Chicago-born, LA-based rap artist Open Mike Eagle.       Love, too, these squealing synth strings that open… Continue reading

Donnie Trumpet ft Vic Mensa – “Pasadena” (Official Video) (Free Download)

  Lazy horns and laid-back rhymes from Chicago’s Nico Segal aka Donnie Trumpet and Chicago’s Vic Mensa, both formerly of the live hip-hop band Kids These Days and both teaming up here on… Continue reading

Flamingosis – “Flamingosis” (Free Album Download)

Aaron Velasquez aka Flamingosis gets wavy with the disco gravy. Not only do I love the golden, filtered production sheen and 1974-updated-for-2014 beats on this record, I also love the fact that he… Continue reading

DJ Earl, Mast, Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, MC Nocando at Low End Theory – Wednesday January 29, 2014 (Photos & Vines)

Wednesday night at Low End Theory was live! Every time I walk into the Airliner and enter that upper room, I’m hit with mind-bending sounds of every kind. Entire galaxies of sonic inspiration… Continue reading

Jean Deaux – “Find U” (Produced by Sampha)

Anything that features even a few bars of Sampha‘s production or vocal talent deserves an automatic click of the play button. Here the English falsetto wizard teams up with Chicago’s Jean Deaux (correctly… Continue reading

Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – “Sacrifice” (Official Video)

Future-funked acid house all day. Watch the accompanying video that resembles the 3D graph blueprints on the 4D desk of some 5D cosmic alien architect.   Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – “Sacrifice”… Continue reading

Bobby Womack – “Love Is Gonna Lift You Up” (Julio Bashmore Remix)

On first listen, it’s all Julio B business at usual, but then that classic Chicago house bassline comes in at 1:33 that catapults this remix from good to great.   Drop at 3:06… Continue reading

ShowYouSuck – “Original Chonchon” (Original Don Flosstradamus Remix) (Official Video)

Chicago emcee ShowYouSuck.   Rest in pizza, and while you’re doing that check out ShowYouSuck’s pretty amazing pizza-themed hip-hop album Mo Slices Mo Problems.  

Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont (Baptism)” (from the Mass EP) (Free MP3 Download)

Chicago-based producer Mister Lies aka Nick Zanca, 19, who, when not studying dramatic writing and philosophy at Columbia College, crafts floaty, pastoral, nocturnal electronic beats.   Mister Lies & Different Sleep – “Vermont… Continue reading

Tall Black Guy Productions – “Water No Enemy”

Tall Black Guy Productions flips Fela’s “Water No Get Enemy” into something way laidback.   Get more TBGP beats here.  

One Little Plane ft Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood – “She Was Out in the Water” (Produced by Four Tet)

Every once in a while I’ll take a dive head-first into the weird and wonderful gym-bag that is “folktronica” (see Beth Orton and the Chems’ collaborative output, see also the rather excellent Perfect… Continue reading

Dig Deep Tracklisting: Friday Night/Saturday Morning October 8 2011 1am-3am PST on KBCS Bellevue-Seattle 91.3FM & www.kbcs.fm

Big show tonight! Brand new music from Efya, Dub Gabriel, Mosca, Primary 1, and Kendrick Lamar. Plus we got in the mix with a special time-themed song showcase and got housey at the… Continue reading

Nguzunguzu – ‘Discopranca’ (Video)

Love Nguzunguzu! Just when you thought the L.A.-based, M.I.A.-matey, Mad Decent-sanctioned, Chicago footwork/UK bass/general beat insanity duo couldn’t get any cooler, you then find out that their name is inspired by a canoe… Continue reading