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Diggin’ This: Tapir! – “On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)” (Heavenly Recordings) (Video)

  Lush and tender drum-machine folk.       “On A Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)” is an instant charmer from the South London-based six-piece Tapir! (with exclamation mark!) who recently signed to… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jungle – “Dominoes” (Caiola Records) (Video)

  Just in time for summer.       One of my favorite Jungle tracks to date, “Dominoes” could be a lost Avalanches b-side with its ooze of infinite oohs, pitched-up vocal samples,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Memory Of Jane – “So Pacific” (Blue Flowers) (Video)

  Subdued electronic soul with a pulsating beat.       “So Pacific” is the latest release from Memory of Jane, otherwise known as Maïlé Doremus-Cook, a South London artist who grew up… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Until the Ribbon Breaks ft Lucius – “Everything Else But Rain” (VERO/Venice Music) (Video)

  The first single in five years from the Welsh musician and creative.       Pete Lawrie Winfield, the mind behind Until the Ribbon Breaks, has teamed up with the band Lucius… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Ruti – “Luh Luh Love” (PMR Records) (Video)

  British bossa-neo-soul.       After winning The Voice UK in 2018, Essex’s Ruti Olajugbagbe has returned with two new singles for 2023: “So Much More,” a collaboration with Jordan Rakei, and… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: The New York Times Presents The Legacy of J Dilla (Video)

  A recommended gem of a music documentary.       It’s kinda weird that one of the best, most well-produced documentaries on the prolific and beloved Detroit beatmaker and hip-hop game-changer isn’t a standalone doc,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kay Young ft Ego Ella May – “Woe Is Me” (Video)

  I first heard the voice of Kay Young featured on “Get Connected” by Sekrit back in 2017.       Since then, between supporting Jay Electronica in London and appearing on the… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: New Mix from Ta-ku – Drive Slow, Homie Pt 6 (Video)

  A recommended gem of a mix.       A slow roll.      Ta-ku returns to gift us with a new edition of the Drive Slow, Homie series, the first in… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Water From Your Eyes – “Barley” (Matador Records) (Video)

  “1, 2, 3, 4…”       With its centrifugal beat and pleading guitar lick, “Barley” by the experimental art-pop duo Water From Your Eyes is relentless and hypnotic.      Water… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Close Counters ft Izy – “Only One” (Holy Sound) (Official Video)

  It’s all about those piano key runs.       Allan McConnell and Finn Rees, the Melbourne-via-Tasmania duo otherwise known as Close Counters, sampled fellow Aussie artists Izy and enlisted Lucky Pereira to… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Speakers Corner Quartet ft Sampha – “Can We Do This?” (OTIH Records) (Official Video)

  Sampha’s vocals always, always shine.       Fresh from turning in my 22nd favorite remix of 2022, London’s Speakers Corner Quartet have teamed up with Sampha to create “Can We Do… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Petite Noir ft Sampa The Great – “Blurry” (Roya) (Official Video)

  Introducing the sound of Noirwave, the genre coined by Petite Noir.       Petite Noir is a Congolese artist, who was born in Belgium, raised in South Africa, and now divides… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Braids – “Evolution” (Secret City Records) (Official Video)

  “Patience, like evolution, evolving into love.”       “Evolution” is a gently upbeat yet calming indie-electronic cut from the Montreal trio.     Watch the deep-dive-into-nature-themed video below.     Braids… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Skinny Pelembe – “Oh, Silly George” (Partisan Records) (Official Video)

  Featuring Malcolm Catto of the Heliocentrics on drums.       “Oh, Silly George,” the latest single from Donny-via-Joburg artist and Brownswood Future Bubblers alum Skinny Pelembe, is a wistful and nostalgic… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: LANNDS – “Blueprint” (Run For Cover Records) (Official Video)

  “Plant-based drippy psyche-pop.”    I’m on board.       “Blueprint” is indeed a blueprint for the future of electronic R&B from the Los Angeles-via-Jacksonville duo of Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Meg Baird – “Ashes, Ashes” (Drag City) (Official Video)

  A subtle, pensive start to 2023.       “Ashes, Ashes,” the latest single from San Francisco’s Meg Baird, is a mindful, half-speed, folk-jazz instrumental with warm piano keys that meander around… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: DanDlion – “Knock Knock” (Official Video)

  Featuring an eccentric and bee-centric video.        London’s DanDlion will get you dancing with this Tom Misch-ish dance-pop bop.     DanDlion – “Knock Knock”          … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jitwam – “Confidence” (Roya/Warp Records) (Official Video)

  A Quincy-esque soul bossa nova ode to self-belief.       Brooklyn-via-Assam, Northeast India artist Jitwam‘s “Confidence” brims with bravado.     Jitwam – “Confidence”              … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Awkward Branches – “A Frame (Not a Window)” (Tip Top Recordings) (Official Video)

  A new project from Phil Swan (guitar) and former Fiction frontman Mike Barrett (vocals, keys).       Phil and Mike have worked together previously in outfits such as Brand New Moon… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Blue Lupin – “Soak” (Official Video) (Quiet Crown/3tone)

  This blurry dream-pop composition is one of the strongest debuts of 2022.       Her very first release, London artist Joanna Wolfe aka Blue Lupin‘s “Soak” is a collaborative effort with… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Makaya McCraven – “The Fours” (Official Video) (International Anthem/Nonesuch Records/XL Recordings)

  It’s all about those harp strings for me.       Looking forward to this new album from the Paris-born, Chicago-based percussionist, producer, and musician Makaya McCraven.     “The Fours” is… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Rozi Plain – “Agreeing For Two” (Official Video) (Memphis Industries)

  Featuring vocals from Kate Stables of This is the Kit and saxophone from Alabaster de Plume.       “Agreeing For Two” is a jazz-flecked gentle indie gallop from Bristol, UK’s Rozi… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Svaneborg Kardyb – “Op” (Official Video) (Gondwana Records)

  Nordic jazz served chilled.       I remember really enjoying “Haven” by Svaneborg Kardyb, the Danish duo of Nikolaj Svaneborg who plays the keys on the Wurlitzer, Juno, and piano alongside… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Nosaj Thing ft Julianna Barwick – “Blue Hour” (Official Video) (LuckyMe)

  Jason Chung‘s surprise new single.       Featuring vocals from Julianna Barwick and echoes of the beat from Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” the Los Angeles producer’s latest track is stark, nocturnal, and… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Unfold” (Fat Possum Records) (Official Video)

  Any day with new Melody’s Echo Chamber is a good day.       Unfold is the lost follow-up project to French musician Melody Prochet‘s self-titled debut album, Melody’s Echo Chamber, released… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Daniel Allan ft slenderbodies – “Chasing Paradise” (Official Performance Video) (Too Future)

  Heavy shades of Jai Paul and JMSN.       Los Angeles artist Daniel Allan has teamed up with indie-pop duo slenderbodies to create “Chasing Paradise,” a future R&B cut with a… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Park Motive – “Incident” (Spinny Nights) (Official Video)

  Gently melancholic two-step indie-bruk from Bristol, UK.       Sam Herschmann is Park Motive.     His latest track, “Incident,” features an unstoppable drum groove and synth bass tones that skip… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tendai – “Pressure” (Official Video) (0207 Def Jam)

  Next-level R&B from Canning Town.       Love the emotion-laden vocals and glossed beat bounce on “Pressure,” the fourth single from 22-year-old London artist Tendai.     Tendai – “Pressure” (Official… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Silvan Strauss – “Teeth” (Live Session) (Kabul Fire Records)

  BadBadNotGood meets Tony Allen.       “Teeth,” from Hamburg, Germany drummer and musician Silvan Strauss is a dub-infused, Afrobeat-inspired jazz wander.     Check out the video below that captures the… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Whitney – “REAL LOVE” (Secretly Canadian)

  Real, real love for that soaring vocal.       Featuring crunchy drums and dazzling organ keys, “REAL LOVE” is the brand new single from Julien Ehlrich and Max Kakacek, better known… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Greentea Peng – “Stuck In the Middle” (Produced by MJ Cole & Swindle) (AMF Records) (Official Video)

  Can’t believe we get three of my favorite music makers on one track.       I’ve been a fan of London’s Greentea Peng ever since she released the trippy, hallucinogenic future… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Jonathan Jeremiah – “Horsepower For the Streets” (Official Video)

  John Martyn-meets-Bill Withers-meets-early Michael Kiwanuka feels from North London’s Jonathan Jeremiah.       Love those strings courtesy of the Amsterdam Sinfonietta.     Jonathan Jeremiah – “Horsepower For the Streets”  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Motel Radio – “Wise” (Single Lock Records) (Official Video)

  A hook-laden, laid-back indie groove from the New Orleans band.       Can’t get enough of that crunchy breakbeat and earthy shaker that lets those flowering guitar notes bloom.    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Lil Silva ft Sampha – “Backwards” (Nowhere Music) (Official Video)

  A new joint effort that features vocals and production from both UK producers.         Love that descending melody over that faithful piano and those vivacious drums.      Watch the… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones – “#1” (Aquarii Records) (Official Video)

  Cruisin’.       Love this easy Sunday morning soul with a sliding beat from two of my favorite London-based artists: Fatima and Joe Armon-Jones.     Huge fan of that wandering… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Modern Nature – “Dunes” & Island of Noise Film (Bella Union)

  “A new beginning.”       With its softly sung, pastoral jazz-flecked folk and nods to Talk Talk and fellow Bella Union labelmates Lost Horizons, “Dunes” is my favorite track from the… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Golf Alpha Bravo – “Smoothie” (Treasured Recordings) (Official Video)

  Sail away with the ex-Jagwar Ma frontman Gab Winterfield aka Golf Alpha Bravo.       “Smoothie” is a 60s-inspired psyche-garage groover.     Golf Alpha Bravo – “Smoothie” (Official Video)  … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Dijon – “Big Mike’s” (Dark Green, Dark Green Records/R&R Digital) (Official Video)

  Chaotic, spontaneous, and beautiful.       Recorded at his house with Mk.gee on guitar, the freeform Americana-R&B jam “Big Mike’s” by Los Angeles-via-Maryland musician Dijon carries shades of D’Angelo and Frank… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: The Lazy Eyes – “Fuzz Jam” (Official Video)

  “Fuzz Jam” is, well, indeed a fuzz jam.       Underpinned by a hypnotic bass hook, “Fuzz Jam” by Australian psyche-rock four-piece The Lazy Eyes, also known as Harvey Geraghty (vocals,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Mom Tudie ft Maya Law – “Gold” (Lordship Loft) (Official Video)

  The latest and greatest from the world-famous South London jazz scene.       Part of the same network as favorites Tom Misch, Puma Blue, Poppy Ajudha, and Ezra Collective, South… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Robert Glasper ft D Smoke & Tiffany Gouché – “Shine” (Video)

  So much love for this.       Robert Glasper keys 100.   D Smoke bars 100.   Tiffany Gouché vocals 100.   Chris Dave drums 100.     Watch the music… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Wiki ft Navy Blue – “Can’t Do This Alone” (Official Video)

  Sounds so soulful don’t you agree?       NYC’s Wiki linked up with Navy Blue to create “Can’t Do This Alone,” an off-the-cuff rap cut with a delectable soul sample that… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Theo Croker ft Malaya – “Happy Feet (For Dancers)” (Official Video)

  Who else wants to head to Palm Springs for some poolside dancing?       Love this brand new bumpin’ soul-jazz from Theo Croker and Malaya.     Theo Croker ft Malaya… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Kid Apollo – “Let Go Of Things I Said” (Sweat Entertainment) (Official Video)

  Twin brothers (and producers) Felix and Theo Ratigan plus singer and producer Jimmy HM are the Brixton, London trio Kid Apollo.       “Let Go Of Things I Said” is their… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Bathe – “Sundress” (Good Energy Recordings) (Official Video)

  Dev and Corey are the Brooklyn duo Bathe.       Their latest creation, “Sundress,” is a relaxed R&B sunsetter that sways like ocean waves.     Says Corey, “Sundress is about… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: The Avalanches Talk About Their Favorite Samples for Pitchfork’s Under the Influences Series (Video)

  A recommended gem of a sample masterclass.       Come for the J Dilla love, stay for the smorgasbord of horse whinnies.       💎            … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: 安部勇磨 Yuma Abe – おまえも “Omaemo” (Thaian Records) (Official Video)

  のんき.       Featuring Devendra Banhart on guitar and mixed by none other than Haruomi Hosono, “Omaemo” is a carefree yet melancholic breeze from the Tokyo musician who also fronts the… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Watch Mndsgn Play Live in Los Angeles (Video)

  Featuring an all-star line-up.              A captivating performance from Ringgo Ancheta aka Mndsgn that also features some of L.A.’s finest: Kiefer on keys, Swarvy on bass, and Devin… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Watch Grandbrothers Play Live From A French Swimming Pool (Video)

  Magnifique.             Immerse yourself in the piano-drenched sounds of the German duo à la Piscine Tournesol courtesy of ARTE Concert.      Grandbrothers – Live From A French… Continue reading

Recommended Gem: Puma Blue – A Late Night Special (Video)

  A recommended gem of a video.                 A very special performance from South London’s Puma Blue who melds downtempo R&B grooves with Jeff Buckley’s impassioned falsetto.… Continue reading