Diggin’ This: Meernaa – “Backroads” (Native Cat Recordings)


That piano flourish right at the start.


Image via meernaa.com



And, yes, thank you, great question. I’m told it’s “mee-er-nuh.”



I’ve had this North Oakland four-piece on my radar ever since I first heard what has fast become my other new favorite Meernaa song, “Thinking of You,” last month.



Comprised of Carly Bond on vocals and guitar, Rob Shelton on keys, Doug Stuart (he of DanDigs.com favorites Bells Atlas and Brijean) on bass, and Andrew Maguire on drums and percussion, Meernaa craft understated synth-forward post-rock and electronic R&B that is at once emotive and weightless.



“Backroads” is a particularly good example of this; with it’s steady drums and rounded bass in perfect alignment, they provide a welcoming backdrop for synth keys to paint over while said piano flourishes add splashes of color and the entire song is buoyed by Carly Bond’s levitating vocals.



Track of the day.



Meernaa – “Backroads”






“Backroads” is taken from Meernaa‘s new album, Heart Hunger, out now via Native Cat Recordings. Stream it here and check out my Dan Digs 2019 Essentials playlist on Spotify, which previously featured their track “Thinking of You,” here.





And while you’re at it, hear more from the Oakland-based label, including the very wonderful “Walkie Talkie” by Brijean, over at Native Cat’s Bandcamp page here.