Diggin’ This: Svaneborg Kardyb – “Op” (Official Video) (Gondwana Records)


Nordic jazz served chilled.


Image via facebook.com/svaneborgkardyb



I remember really enjoying “Haven” by Svaneborg Kardyb, the Danish duo of Nikolaj Svaneborg who plays the keys on the Wurlitzer, Juno, and piano alongside drummer and percussionist Jonas Kardybwhen I first wrote about them back in October 2020



(Since then I have also learned that Kardyb is pronounced “kah-doob” and not “Cardi B.”)



Now they’ve returned with “Op,” a subtle, rhythmic, and meditative piece that I am quite happy to play again and again.



Svaneborg Kardyb – “Op” (Official Video)








“Op” is taken from Svaneborg Kardyb‘s new album, Over Tage, released November 4 via Matthew Halsall’s Manchester, UK label Gondwana Records.





Pre-order it here.





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