Diggin’ This: 9m88 – “Tell Me” (Produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats)


 A song sung in English and Mandarin from the New York-via-Taipei artist


Image via facebook.com/9m88baba



Produced by Japanese beatmaker DJ Mitsu the Beats, “Tell Me” by 9m88, also known as Joanne Tang (“9m” translates as “jiu” or 九, which, when paired with the letter “m,” sounds like her English name, “Joanne,” while “88” is read as “ba ba” or 八八 in Mandarin), is an effortlessly cool and consoling combination of jazz, neo-soul, and house.



9m88 – “Tell Me”






“Tell Me” is taken from 9m88‘s new album, 9m88 Radio, which is out now and also features DanDigs.com favorite Oddisee.





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