Diggin’ This: Ric Wilson & Yellow Days – “Life’s Been Good To Me” (Free Disco Records)


A Chicago-London disco connection.


Image of Ric Wilson & Yellow Days by Jay Lewn



Chicago’s Ric Wilson and London’s George Van Den Broek aka Yellow Days have joined forces to create a gleaming funk groover.


Says Ric, “George made this beat and I immediately had words in my head.”


George continues, “I remember Ric went for a walk to write some lyrics and I wrote this guy in like a couple hours.”


“He would always come back and I’d done a whole new track for him to do.”


“He did a lot of walks.”



Ric Wilson & Yellow Days – “Life’s Been Good To Me”







“Life’s Been Good To Me” is taken from Ric Wilson and Yellow Days‘ new EP, Disco Ric In London Town, out October 29 via Free Disco Records.







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