Diggin’ This: James Alexander Bright ft Fink – “Sundown” (!K7 Records)


A pastoral indie-folk escapade.


Image via jamesalexanderbright.bandcamp.com



Love the pairing of these vocals.


Says James, ‘Sundown’ came to life after I was introduced to Fink by Will Saul at !K7.


From a folder of ideas I sent him, Fink jumped straight on an instrumental, adding a beautifully executed chorus hook and some lush Ry Cooder/Tommy Guerrero-esque guitar swells.


I ran away with the rest and it was a real joy to work on.


I love collaboration with other people and it was a dream to work with an artist I’ve respected for years.”



James Alexander Bright ft Fink – “Sundown”







“Sundown” is out now via !K7 Records.







Get it here.







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