Diggin’ This: Colorama – “And” (Produced by Shawn Lee) (Banana & Louie Records)


Welsh psychedelia par excellence. 


Image by Maki Kita via facebook.com/wearecolorama



Carwyn Ellis, the man behind Colorama, has teamed up with Shawn Lee, the man behind his very own Ping Pong Orchestra and collaborations with AM, to make “And,” a 60s-inspired psyche-soul groover that features distorted guitar shimmers, bittersweet organ keys, and cymbal-heavy drums.



Image by Bryan Olson via colorama.bandcamp.com



Track of the day.



Colorama – “And”





And” is taken from Colorama‘s forthcoming album, Chaos Wonderland, out July 31 on Banana & Louie Records. Get the track and listen to more from Colorama here





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