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Playlist: Dan Digs Cosmic Country

  Ethereal folk, emotive alt-indie, and astral Americana.         Come along on a voyage of discovery into the spellbound sound of cosmic country.       Dan Digs Cosmic Country… Continue reading

Playlist: Dan Digs Country & Eastern – Country Music from the Land of the Rising Sun

  Three chords and the truth from Tokyo and beyond.         Listen to this selection of the best modern country and alt-folk songs from Japan.       Dan Digs… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Colorama – “And” (Produced by Shawn Lee) (Banana & Louie Records)

  Welsh psychedelia par excellence.        Carwyn Ellis, the man behind Colorama, has teamed up with Shawn Lee, the man behind his very own Ping Pong Orchestra and collaborations with AM,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Meernaa – “Backroads” (Native Cat Recordings)

  That piano flourish right at the start.       And, yes, thank you, great question. I’m told it’s “mee-er-nuh.”     I’ve had this North Oakland four-piece on my radar ever… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Concrete Concrete – “Hues”

  Musique concrete.       Formed by guitarists Andi Wang and Pei Pang, Concrete Concrete is an instrumental post-rock outfit from Brooklyn, NY.     On their latest track “Hues,” airy dream-pop vocals collide… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sam Evian – “Health Machine” (Saddle Creek)

  There’s no two ways about it, I am greatly enjoying the turquoise buzzsaw psychedelia of Sam Evian‘s latest, “Health Machine.”       It’s all about those menthol vocals, those unknown, mortal,… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Khruangbin – “Maria También” (Night Time Stories)

  Literally impossible to dislike.       Texas trio Khruangbin return with the absolutely delightful “Maria También,” a rigorously funky first single from their upcoming second album, Con Todo El Mundo, which… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Sibusile Xaba – “Internet Dance” (Mushroom Hour Half Hour Records)

  While an “internet dance” is probably something you did in 1995 while you were waiting for AOL to load, here Pretorian music wonder Sibusile Xaba gently gathers a storm of finger-picked guitar… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Woodes – “The Thaw”

  With a beguiling guitar line reminiscent of “Reckoner” by Radiohead, “The Thaw” by 23-year-old Melbourne singer-songwriter-producer Woodes is an icy yet warm, uptempo yet pensive song with floating vocals counterweighted by a grounded kick and bass… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Bamily – “Hello Stranger”

      Slinky, indie, post-disco greatness from Bamily.       Need to hear this on a yacht at sunset ASAP.   Track of the day.   Bamily – “Hello Stranger”    … Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Boogarins – “Avalanche” & Manual Full Album Stream

  Psyche-rock band Boogarins was born when Fernando “Dino” Almeida and Benke Ferraz began jamming together as teenagers in their parents’ gardens in the central Brazilian city of Goiânia.       The title of their latest album Manual… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Khruangbin – “White Gloves”

  What is it with the Lone Star state and making gloriously expansive, post-rocky-shoegazey, starry, meditative music?       Enter Texas three-piece Khruangbin, comprised of Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Tony Volker – “Kingdom of the Beasts”

  South London’s Tony Volker pens spacious and emotive electronic folk.     “Kingdom of the Beasts” sounds a lot like if Jose Gonzalez teamed up with Nigel Godrich.   A perfect sunset… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Track of the Day: Mesingnat – “Reduced to Matter” – Powered by Reverbnation

  I’ve been working with the fine folks at Reverbnation and over the past month I’ve been taking submissions from artists from all over the world to be featured here at DanDigs.com.         The final selection… Continue reading

Dan Digs’ Track of the Day: Parlez-Vous Anglais? – “London” – Powered by Reverbnation

  I’ve been working with the fine folks at Reverbnation and over the past month I’ve been taking submissions from artists from all over the world to be featured here at DanDigs.com.         This week’s… Continue reading

Ethiopian Records – “Terrarraw”

  Addis Ababa electronic musician Endeguena Mulu creates dusty experimental bass instrumentals under the name Ethiopian Records.       Love the incorporation of Ethiopian vocal samples from Tewodros Haile and Sewunet Ayele that waft… Continue reading

Hawklion – “Africa” (Official Video & Free Download)

  In addition to sounding like the most awesome animal ever or a fighter pilot had Tim and Eric directed Top Gun, the superbly-monikered Dublin trio Hawklion make wonderful falsetto indie synth ‘n’… Continue reading


  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SEGMENT ON VEVO.COM NOW.     I recently produced a story on the incredible We Are The West for NUVOtv‘s flagship music program, The Collective.   I’m honored to be able to tell… Continue reading

Benjamin Yellowitz – “Treatise”

  Strongly diggin’ these strong shades of two of my very favorite artists Fink and Bonobo that surface on this brand new soulful acoustic jam from Birmingham, UK’s Benjamin Yellowitz.      … Continue reading


  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SEGMENT ON VEVO.COM NOW.     Have a listen and a watch of this piece on Los Angeles brother-and-sister indie-folk duo The Belle Brigade that I recently produced for NUVOtv‘s… Continue reading

Vacationer – “The Wild Life”

  Seems like every music outfit is going “a bit tropical” right now.   Philadelphia’s Vacationer have been doing that from day one, however, naming their output “nu-hula” from the outset.         Vacationer… Continue reading

Ray LaMontagne – “Lavender”

  Those loose, loose guitar strings, that “Steady as She Goes” angular drum pattern.       Ray LaMontagne – “Lavender”         Ray LaMontagne‘s new album, Supernova, is out now.… Continue reading

Warpaint – “Disco//Very” & “Keep It Healthy” (Official Double Video)

  Double video feature jam!   Getting way into this lethargic, listless slow disco dancer (“Disco//Very”) and this gentle, ride cymbal-tappin’ indie incantation (“Keep it Healthy”) from L.A.’s Warpaint.       Warpaint – “Disco//Very” &… Continue reading

Tycho – “Montana”

San Francisco’s Scott Hansen records music as Tycho and still finds time to work as a designer under the name ISO50. His latest musical creation, “Montana,” moves away from his previous solo work in ambient… Continue reading

James Vincent McMorrow – “Red Dust”

“Red Dust” isn’t a new song; it’s been a favorite of fans of the Irish troubadour James Vincent McMorrow for at least a couple of years now. This brand new remake improves on the… Continue reading

Caveman – “In the City” (Vacationer Remix) (Free Download)

Warm vinyl crackle, staggered handclaps, breezy guitar, easy organ chords lapping at your feet, and some beautiful post-tropical percussion all feature on Vacationer‘s remix of “In the City” by New York City band Caveman.… Continue reading

Aloa Input – “Going Home” & “Someday Morning”

Every so often you come across a band like Aloa Input that is so astoundingly good (and, as of now, so astoundingly underheard) that you just can’t help yourself but listen to their… Continue reading

Half Moon Run – “Full Circle” (Official Video)

Canadian Pastoral both in scene and sound. Montreal indie-folksters Half Moon Run pair Fleet Foxes vocal melodies with shimmering post-rock guitar.   Half Moon Run – “Full Circle” (Official Video)   Listen to… Continue reading

Arima Ederra ft Blu – “Questions” (Produced by Bhonstro) (Free Download)

Questions drop into blues guitar chord puddles amidst gently insistent vintage drums.   Arima Ederra ft Blu – “Questions” (Produced by Bhonstro)  (Free Download)   Download this track for free here.    

Kilo Kish – “Watergun” (Produced by the Internet)

Sounds like summer.   Kilo Kish – “Watergun” (Produced by the Internet)   It’s all done.      

Family Band – “Night Song” (Official Video)

Brooklyn ambient rock group Family Band describe their music as “heavy mellow.” While Johnny Ollsin, Kim Krans, and Scott Hirsch’s particular brand of dark and solemn, starless sky indie is indeed heavy, mellow, and… Continue reading

Samuel Yirga – “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun” (Rotary Connection Cover)

I’ve made no secret of the fact that this 1970s psychedelic soul classic is my favorite song of all time. This new version by Ethiopian piano prodigy Samuel Yirga features the Creole Choir… Continue reading

Melody Gardot – “Mira” (Live on Later… with Jools Holland) (Video)

I played the studio version of 27-year-old Philadelphian singer Melody Gardot’s “Mira” on the radio show on Friday and decided to allow about seven seconds of silence after introducing the song and before… Continue reading

Monica da Silva – “Walk on the Wild Side” (Lou Reed Cover) (Official Video) (Free Download)

Brazilian-American singer Mônica da Silva and her partner Chad Alger expertly cover Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.”   Impossible to tell whether this was filmed in 1965 using an 8mm camera… Continue reading

Oddisee ft Olivier Daysoul – “You Know Who You Are” (Acoustic Version) (Video)

Best “More than Words” remix ever.   Grab Oddisee’s new album People Hear What They See here.  

A Film By Harmony Korine: The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling” (Video)

Totally understand what’s going on here.   DIY GIFs.  

The Gooch Palms – “Cucaracha” (Official Video)

Sydney, Australia’s the Gooch Palms are currently supporting fellow Aussies (and members of Tame Impala) Pond on tour. Watch the duo’s DIY lo-fi ode to cockroaches below.   We need more music videos… Continue reading

Michael Kiwanuka – “Tell Me a Tale” (Official Video)

In other news, this guy sounds like Otis had he grown up in North London. Also, he’s incredible. Hold tight the dusty retro, 70s guitar strum, flute business, lazy horn, soul revival!