Diggin’ This: Royce Wood Junior ft Shirazpapi – “Graffiti”


Rex Orange Country meets A.K. Paul.


Image via facebook.com/RoyceWoodJunior



Heavily into this new excellence from Royce Wood Junior featuring Shirazpapi (nice).



I’ve been into the London producer’s work ever since first hearing his woozy track “Nuff” back in 2014. in addition to his production work for Jono McCleery, Kwabs, and Jodie Abacus and remixes for Jamie Woon (or “retwix,” if you will) and Aquilo.



“Graffiti” is a bittersweet electronic funk-soul throwback fringed with Royce’s trademark sour synths and guitars, sparse drums, and a heated falsetto.



Track of the day.



Royce Wood Junior ft Shirazpapi – “Graffiti”





“Graffiti” is out now. Head on over to soundcloud.com/roycewoodjunior to check out more of his amazing creations and production work and listen to more songs and remixes from Royce Wood Jr as previously featured on DanDigs.com here.