Diggin’ This: Lizette & Quevin – “Grow Forever” (Big Crown Records)


“You could grow forever, if you let yourself.”


Image via lizettequevin.bandcamp.com



Beginning with a pensively picked acoustic guitar, “Grow Forever” is a singalong soul throwback that leans back complete with vibraphone chimes, vintage drums, and hopeful horns.



So singalong, in fact, that the B-side is an instrumental version of “Grow Yourself” titled “Now It’s Your Turn To Sing.” Lizette & Quevin are inviting listeners to submit their own vocals recorded over the track at their YouTube page, and the three best versions will receive prizes. (See here for more details.)



Track of the day.



Lizette & Quevin – “Grow Forever”





“Grow Forever” is the first ever song by Lizette & Quevin. It’s out now via Big Crown Records. Get it here




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