Royce Wood Junior – “Nuff”

Really cannot get enough of this latest wave of late-night electronic soul transmissions that seem to be dominating my headphones at the minute.

Ed Thomas, Erik Hassle, Perera Elsewhere… all of these mightily talented artists are mightily shaping the way music sounds in 2014; from the underground up.

Royce Wood Junior (possibly my new favorite Junior, in addition to Seven Davis, Cuba Gooding, and Marvin, obviously) is no stranger to this scene, having played in Jamie Woon‘s band (whom he used to share a house with), contributing songs to Kwabs‘ LP, and producing Jono McCleery‘s new album for Ninja Tune.




Previously I’d heard of Royce via his remix (or “retwix” as he calls it) of Jamie Woon’s “Lady Luck” and his lounge cover (or “recroon” as he calls it) of the Pharcyde’s “Ya Mama,” both of which are definitely worth checking out.

As for his own music, “Nuff” is the strongest of debuts. My favorite parts include the digitally dusty, sponge-clad beat that enters at 0:07, the drum fill that almost trips over itself at 0:32, the Rhodes keys that start bubbling in the background at 1:02, and, of course, that amazing chorus at 1:20.

Have a listen.



Royce Wood Junior – “Nuff”





Nuff said.




Get “Nuff” and more from Royce via London’s Parlez Parlez Records here.