Diggin’ This: Brainstory – “Thank You” (Produced by El Michels Affair) (Big Crown Records)


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Supremely in love with “Thank You,” the final track on Buck, which is the debut album from the Rialto, California trio known as Tony, Kevin, Eric and also Brainstory.



After being introduced to Leon Michels and Danny Akalepse from Big Crown Records by Chicano Batman’s bassist, Brainstory found themselves recording Buck alongside Michels (he of El Michels Affair) in Queens, NY at the Legendary Diamond Mine, yielding a tidy 10 songs in 10 tidy days.



“Thank You” is a winding Axelrod-ish psychedelic soul jam that takes its time. Gentle and gracious, its deeply pocketed beat, wandering guitar, and group choral croon will have you floating.



Track of the day.



Brainstory – “Thank You” (Produced by El Michels Affair)






Buck is out today via Big Crown. Get it here.





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