Diggin’ This: Breathe. – “Haze” (Silk Records) (Official Video)


Breathe with me. 


Image via facebook.com/breathe.team



I am currently very much here for “Haze,” “a song about meeting someone who changes everything for you” and the latest track from Sydney’s Sean Walker (formerly of the band Movement) and Andrew Grant (formerly of the band The Tapes), together known as Breathe. 



3am piano keys, looped vocal washes, bass murmurs, and the gentlest of ride cymbals.



Track (and video) of the day.



Shout out to Dave May at Tall Story Films for this amazing cinematography. 



Breathe. – “Haze” (Official Video)









“Haze” is out now via Silk Records.





Listen to more from Team Breathe at soundcloud.com/breathe-team


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