Diggin’ This: North Downs – “Dad’s Old Tapes” (Dama Dama Records)


The only person North Downs follows on SoundCloud is Bill Brewster, so you already know his music taste game is Master Sommelier-level black belt.




Image via facebook.com/northdownsmusic // twitter.com/madebyshua & Jimi Herrtage



Very into this new one. “Dad’s Old Tapes” is a retro-futurist stroll that pairs a woozy swordfish synth with a languid hip-hop beat, dub effects, and a cumulus falsetto, resulting in an inventive modern soul song that sparkles.



Track of the day.



North Downs – “Dad’s Old Tapes”







“Dad’s Old Tapes” is out now via the Shire’s (Hertsfordshire’s, that is) Dama Dama. Get it here and check out North Downs featuring on DanDigs.com faves Maribou State‘s song “Kingdom” here.






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