Diggin’ This: Ben Esser ft emawk & Beau Diako – “Stripes” (Lekker Collective)


Collectively tasty music.


Image via facebook.com/benesser



Currently very into this latest song from Berlin-based musician and Noah Slee‘s producer Ben Esser, made in collaboration with NY’s emawk and UK guitarist Beau Diako.



Commencing with a vulnerable and delicate Chance the Rapper-ish vocal, “Stripes” is a minimal and restrained exercise in electronic R&B, complete with twinkling guitar notes, plinking piano keys, clockwork drums, and emotive vocal swells.



Track of the day.



Ben Esser ft emawk & Beau Diako – “Stripes”






Stripes” is out now via the Lekker Collective label. Hear more from them here and listen to the Eyukaliptus remix of Noah Slee’s “Instore,” which was number 17 in my Top 30 Remixes of 2018, here.