Podcast: Backstage with Dan Digs – Episode 2: Slowthai


Nothing short of glorious.


All photography by Cornelius Martin | IG: @corneliusmar10



For the second episode of Backstage with Dan Digs, the rogue offshoot of my regular Dublab radio show where we go behind the scenes at the world’s best live music venues and have a chat with my favorite artists before their performances, I caught up with one of 2019’s fastest rising stars: Slowthai.







Ty and I talked about LA, anticipating trying In-N-Out for the first time, his show rider, how surreal it is to release an album into the world, his singular voice, working with Mura Masa, writing “Doorman” in two hours on one hour of sleep, collaborating with Slaves, keeping his future releases a mystery, seeing Odd Future in Birmingham and then a few years later working with Tyler, the Creator, believing in the universe, thinking things into existence, and never putting boundaries on music.





Backstage with Dan Digs – Episode 2: Slowthai






Get Slowthai‘s incredible new album, Nothing Great About Britain, here.





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