Podcast & Video: Backstage with Dan Digs – Episode 1: James Lavelle


Very excited to share this new video and podcast series with you.


Dan Digs & James Lavelle



Backstage with Dan Digs is a new music-centric interview series set in green rooms and iconic concert venues across the nation.



Our first episode has me sitting down with none other than James Lavelle to talk about his brand new UNKLE album, the legacy of Mo’ Wax, DJing around the world, and Phil Collins.



Watch it below and listen to this episode’s Spotify playlist of all the music mentioned in our conversation here.



(You can also listen to the audio-only version of this episode with two of my favorite UNKLE tracks on Mixcloud here and subscribe to the conversation-only podcast version of the Backstage with Dan Digs series here.)



Backstage with Dan Digs: James Lavelle






UNKLE‘s The Road Pt 1 is out now via Cooking Vinyl. Find out more here.






Backstage with Dan Digs is created by California Electric. Find out more about our Venice Beach-based production lab here.