Melody Gardot – “Mira” (Live on Later… with Jools Holland) (Video)

I played the studio version of 27-year-old Philadelphian singer Melody Gardot’s “Mira” on the radio show on Friday and decided to allow about seven seconds of silence after introducing the song and before hitting play to give the fragile and beautiful intro the respect and presence of mind it deserves.

This video of her live performance of the song on late night British music television institution “Later… with Jools Holland” is equally stunning.


Her story is inspiring. Nine years ago she was hit by a car and suffered serious head and spinal injuries. Confined to a hospital bed on her back for a year, she had to re-learn basic tasks such as how to walk and brush her teeth. As a result of the accident, her ears and eyes became hyper-sensitive to sound and light, forcing her to wear dark glasses to protect her vision. She then began to write soft, uplifting songs to help her mind and body recover, and her music career began.

Said Melody to CBS News, “It was a most unusual start, but when you come from a place where things are tough, it makes it that much easier to appreciate the times when life is easy.”