Diggin’ This: Jungle – “Dominoes” (Caiola Records) (Video)


Just in time for summer.


Image via jungle.bandcamp.com



One of my favorite Jungle tracks to date, “Dominoes” could be a lost Avalanches b-side with its ooze of infinite oohs, pitched-up vocal samples, a low-mixed crackling vinyl beat, twinkly sound garnishes, all sewn together with that infectious horn (or is it guitar?) line.



As ever, a superbly choreographed video is in tow (along with a teaser for the next single, it seems).



Jungle – “Dominoes”








“Dominoes” is taken from Jungle‘s new album, Volcano, released out August 11 via Caiola Records/AWAL.





Stream it on Spotify here.





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