Diggin’ This: Until the Ribbon Breaks ft Lucius – “Everything Else But Rain” (VERO/Venice Music) (Video)


The first single in five years from the Welsh musician and creative.


Image by Whitney Maris Brown



Pete Lawrie Winfield, the mind behind Until the Ribbon Breaks, has teamed up with the band Lucius for “Everything Else But Rain,” a rousing electronic-pop anthem imbued with themes of hope and forgiveness.



Love those cinematic clips of dialogue punctuated by those cassette player button noises.



Says Pete,


“The beauty was that it started as an authentic process.


It was how I first made music when I was 12 years old.


No one was asking me to make music.


No one was expecting me to make music.


It was literally the naivety of pressing a button on a keyboard or a drum machine,


hearing a sound,


and thinking


“Wow. You can do that.”



“Everything Else but Rain” was the first song he made using this method.



Watch the UTRB-directed video for the track below.



Until the Ribbon Breaks ft Lucius – “Everything Else But Rain”







“Everything Else But Rain” is out now via VERO/Venice Music.





UTRB is currently working on a third studio album.





Stream “Everything Else But Rain” on Spotify here.





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