Diggin’ This: Salami Rose Joe Louis & Brijean – “Propaganda” (Brainfeeder)


Never has questioning misinformation been so danceable!


Image of Salami Rose Joe Louis via salamirosejoelouismusic.bandcamp.com



On “Propaganda,” Lindsay Olsen, otherwise known as Salami Rose Joe Louis, melds her galactic electronic science with Brijean‘s low-lit beats and vocal harmonies.



SRJL explains that the Akousmatikous (pronounced “ah-coooz-mat-e-koi”) translates to “sound where there is no identifiable source.”



The Akousmatikoi were a sect of Pythagorean mystics from the 5th century BC that were called the “listeners” as opposed to the Mathematikoi sect that were called the “learners.” The Akousmatikoi focused on ritual, harmony, and ethical behavior.



“I am enamored with the concept of listening to a sound when we don’t know the source,” says Lindsay.



“The act of listening in this great expanse of the universe, for answers, for questions, or just for something undefinable that we seek.”



Salami Rose Joe Louis & Brijean – “Propaganda”






“Propaganda” is taken from Salami Rose Joe Louis‘ new album, Akousmatikous, which includes a collaboration between Soccer96 (aka The Comet is Coming’s Danalogue and Betamax. It’s out May 19 via Brainfeeder Records.





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