Listen Back to Loops + Dots Episode 12 – Music from Flying Lotus, Shuggie Otis, Jan Hammer, Stereolab, Cheflee – Special Guest & DJ Mix with Unreleased Music: Salami Rose Joe Louis


Show number 12!




This week we welcomed the wonderful Salami Rose Joe Louis to the show!



I had a chat with Salami Rose over the phone from Columbus, Ohio where she was on the road as part of her current cross-country tour with Flying Lotus.



We talked about playing the blender in a punk rock band, making beats from hummingbirds, writing music for sci-fi novels, getting signed to Brainfeeder via text, touring with the Cinematic Orchestra, meeting Ryuichi Sakamoto, and the story and meaning behind her otherworldly and fantastic new album Zdenka 2080.



Salami Rose was also kind enough to put together a very special 20-minute mix to close out the show, including very special music from Shuggie Otis, Jan Hammer, Stereolab, and Cheflee, in addition to very special unreleased music from herself!



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You can stream the show via Mixcloud below and via here.






Here’s how we loved the sun.



Salami Rose Joe Louis – “Love the Sun”

Flying Lotus ft Andreya Triana & Niki Randa – “Coleman’s Groove”

Flying Lotus ft Laura Darlington – “Auntie’s Lock / Infinitum”




Cheflee – “For a Scientist”

Pacific Yew – “(((( Flora ))))”

Cheflee – “Mornin Person”

Stereolab – “The Flower Called Nowhere”

Joe Meek (The Blue Men) – “I Hear a New World”

Shuggie Otis – “Xl-30”

Salami Rose Joe Louis – “Unreleased (Untitled)”

Jan Hammer – “Don’t You Know”






Thanks for tuning in. Salami Rose Joe Louis’ new album, Zdenka 2080, is out now via Brainfeeder.

Get it here.





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