Diggin’ This: Gareth Donkin ft quickly, quickly & The Breathing Effect – “GEEK OUT!” (drink sum wtr)


An ode to late-night music-making sessions.


Image of Gareth Donkin by John Liwag



London, UK musician Gareth Donkin has recruited DanDigs.com faves quickly, quickly and The Breathing Effect for his latest single, “GEEK OUT!,” a spacious and airy funk groove



Says Donkin about the track, “It would have been around this time last year when I received one of my favourite texts to date from quickly, quickly (Graham Jonson) whilst I sat on a train from London to Leeds.


The text was a single .mp3 file titled ‘GROOVE HOG’; I untangled my earphones, played the track and was in complete awe, then played that track on repeat for the entire three-hour train journey.


Two months had passed after receiving ‘GROOVE HOG’, and having listened to the track for days and weeks on end, I still had nothing. Then one day in April lightning struck the clock tower, and I finally started to write and record lyrics inspired by working on music into the early hours and geeking out about it!


The same day, I sent a bounce of my recording to Graham and well, the rest is history.”



Gareth Donkin ft quickly, quickly & The Breathing Effect – “GEEK OUT!”







“GEEK OUT!” is out now via drink sum wtr, a new partnership between Secretly’s All Flowers Group and Ghostly International.





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