Diggin’ This: Photo Ops – “The Dream Is Done” (Paul Is Dead Records)


I’m all about these guitar pickings, that persistent piano, and especially those lightly dusted drums.


Image via photoops.bandcamp.com



When he wasn’t touring with the likes of Camera Obscura and Fences, Terry Price, otherwise known as Photo Ops, was living in the East Nashville neighborhood of Inglewood and was particularly taken by his locale’s views and vantage points.


Having subsequently decamped to Los Feliz in Los Angeles, he brought his love of vistas, honed in Nashville, to his new home, keeping them in mind as he recorded the songs that would become his latest album, including the pastoral gaze and impassioned yet gently mournful folk of “The Dream Is Done.”


From Terry’s Bandcamp page, this ode to seeing and bearing witness to the nature of the nature of the Tennessee capital:


“The autumn blaze maple tree, famous as music in Nashville, is a fast grower. Imagine its teeming majesty of red leaves from above one house in the city’s Inglewood neighborhood. You see it ensconced like a controlled flame by rolling hills and winding roads. A familiar pattern lulls you from days into nights in this dreamy park town. You never realized from the ground, under the shade of that tree, how all these beautiful designs in any city keep you sane.”



Photo Ops – “The Dream Is Done”






“The Dream Is Done” is taken from Photo Ops‘ new album, Burns Bright, which is out April 28 via Paul Is Dead Records.





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