Diggin’ This: Awkward Branches – “A Frame (Not a Window)” (Tip Top Recordings) (Official Video)


A new project from Phil Swan (guitar) and former Fiction frontman Mike Barrett (vocals, keys).


Image via Tip Top Recordings



Phil and Mike have worked together previously in outfits such as Brand New Moon (Mike’s dream-pop project) and Holy Island Sketchbook (a 6-piece experimental collective).


The acoustic folk bubbler “A Frame (Not a Window)” is their debut single as Awkward Branches, possibly inspired by the place the pair first met: under a beloved tree in the gardens of an old wedding chapel where they both used to work. 



Awkward Branches – “A Frame (Not a Window)”






“A Frame (Not a Window)” is taken from the duo’s forthcoming new EP released next year via Tip Top Recordings.





Stream it here.





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