Diggin’ This: Rosa Brunello – “Jubiabá” (Domanda Music)


A free-form, handclap-driven piece


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Featuring contributions by Yazz Ahmed, Maurice Louca, and Marco Frattini, “Jubiabá” by Italian bassist and composer Rosa Brunello is an uninhibited and fearless choral jazz creation.



As Rosa puts it, “Yazz Ahmed, Maurice Louca, and Marco Frattini are some of my favorite musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with lately.



Prior to recording this album I had a clear idea about the sound and musical direction I wanted to pursue with this project. The musicians had never played together before and I was the only person who had performed with each of them individually. Bringing them together for the first time was really exciting as I was trying to imagine what sounds we would be creating as well as the overall musical output.



Tommaso Cappellato and I had been talking about this album for hours on the phone, especially during lockdown, although the idea came before the pandemic. Initially I wanted to write specific tunes, rehearse a few days before the studio date and eventually record the music, but due to the lack of work, gigs and travel opportunities, I kept feeling creatively empty. Moreover it would have been difficult to have people come from abroad for so many days.



I told myself the easiest thing would be to get together in the studio and just create on the spot. The more I kept thinking about it the more excited I got. Why? What does it mean to invite people who have never met before to record an impromptu album? My desire was for everyone involved to feel free, to be able to express themselves without limitations. Yazz, Maurice, and Marco are artists with a strong musical identity and creativity and I had no doubts this could work at its best.



What a joy to perform with this combo of visionary artists – whose individual musical worlds I absolutely adore – after months of lockdown and separation! Making music with them was like safely jumping into the dark with no fear or expectations yet with the desire of spending quality time and the freedom of collectively creating.”



Rosa Brunello – “Jubiabá”





“Jubiabá” is the opening track on Rosa Brunello‘s new album, Sounds Like Freedom, out now via Tommaso Cappellato‘s Domanda Music.





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