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Diggin’ This: Clap! Clap! – “Ar-Raqis” (Black Acre)

  “Ar-Raqis” is a compelling, rhythmic house jam by Toscana, Italy’s Cristiano Crisci, better known as Clap! Clap!, that pulls in musical influences from all seventeen corners of the globe.       This… Continue reading

Diggin’ This: Calibro 35 – “A Future We Never Lived”

  That slo-mo cinematic funk!       Damon Albarn, Jay Z, Child of Lov, and Dr. Dre have all found noteworthy samples from Calibro 35 to use in their productions.   The Milan,… Continue reading

Music Monday: Pino Daniele – ‘Yes I Know My Way’

The only thing better than this 1970s Italo-pop-rock-disco-cosmo-soul masterpiece is the 1970s Italian television studio it’s filmed in. I never knew these shades of beige existed.