Diggin’ This: Ural Thomas & The Pain – “Dancing Dimensions” (Bella Union)


I remember being amazed when I first heard the voice of Ural Thomas on In Quiet Moments,” his collaboration with Lost Horizons last year, which ended up at number 44 on my Top 100 Tracks of 2021 list.


Image via uralthomasandthepain.bandcamp.com



I was therefore suitably overjoyed to hear of his new project, Ural Thomas & The Pain, and their new song, “Dancing Dimensions.”



With its fusion of laid-back psychedelia and vintage soul, it instantly became a favorite of mine the first time I heard it. 



Ural Thomas & The Pain – “Dancing Dimensions”






Ural Thomas and the Pain‘s new album, Dancing Dimensions, is released on June 3 via Bella Union.





Pre-order it here.





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